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SEO Score Checker – Analyze Your Website’s SEO

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The seo checker, which is also known as search engine optimization tester, is a utility that can help a user scan his website or a single page for monitoring different seo metrics and to check the technical issues and errors on the website that are causing the website to lose its seo score and domain rating in the eyes of the search engine. You can use the comprehensive list of errors found in the results for fixation and website improvement. Now there are hundreds of tools that can help you check seo and analyze your website completely but not you must know that not all of them are reliable and workable for you.

You need a tool that can help you understand the errors on your website in a simple way. Furthermore, it would help if you always went for a tool to help you by providing solutions or suggestions to fix the errors. 

Check and Improve SEO Score with Online Tools

The SEO score of a website is the score/rating metric that can tell you how well the page or the site is doing on the search engine and whether the Google guidelines are being followed. Your website seo score would lie somewhere between 0% and 100% or 0 to 100, and it depends on a tool to tool. If your score is below 30, then there is something wrong with your website, and you have to work on its improvements. If the seo score is above 80, then it means that you are doing good in the search engine’s eyes. 

You can easily improve your seo score and your ranking position if you fix the issues pointed out by the website seo checker tools. Of course, it would take time for you to get back on the top ranks, but you can do it by following different seo techniques and tips. Some of them are listed here:

  • Remove plagiarism from your website content/make sure that you always publish unique content.
  • Add an image in the content to make it more attractive and less boring for a common user.
  • Remove all the broken links from your page/website.
  • Add good quality backlinks that can contribute well to the authority of your site. 
  • Add the keywords that have a good search density and are ranked on top of the search engine.

Best Tools for SEO Analysis and Website Audit

Out of dozens of online seo checker tools, we have handpicked the most reliable choices for you:

  • Website seo checker by SmallSEOTools

The website seo checker by Smallseotools can help you check and calculate seo score with complete accuracy. You must enter your domain address, the tool’s input bar, and click on the ‘check seo’ button. You would get the exact score in less than five seconds. Here you must know that this is a free tool, and you can use it on any device you want because it is based online. Furthermore, there are no limitations to this tool’s use, which is why we would recommend you give it a try. You can check your website seo score and find out the score and ranking position of your competition.

The website checker/auditor would also tell you about the different aspects of the website/page you need to change, remove, or improve. You would also get suggestions to fix the issues on the website. 

  • Keyword rank checker by SearchEngineReports

The keyword rank checker offered by is one of the best online tools for auditing the keywords’ position. You must know that the keyword rank checker utility is free and easy to use, and you can utilize it to find out the exact position of a keyword. This tool would help you find out the contribution of the keywords stuffed in your content. You would also know about the keywords that can shoot your ranking position, so you can surely use them without any hassle. 

  • Duplichecker

You might be wondering how duplichecker can contribute to the analysis of your seo position. Not directly but indirectly, duplichecker can help you a lot in finding and fixing the biggest seo issue we all know as plagiarism. If your content is having duplication in it or stealing your ideas or content and using it without citation and authorization, it will directly affect your credibility and your seo score. You must know that duplichecker can help you check plagiarism in new content and old ones published on your website.

You must enter the URL of the site, and the tool would get you information about the pages and sites with similar content.

There are many more seo tools indexed on the search engine, but we would suggest you try the three that we have listed in this post!

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