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Sell Your Home Easily and Conveniently in Florida

If you are in Florida and want to sell your home, you can expect a great profit. Today, Sell Your Home Easily and Conveniently in Florida Florida is a seller’s market. The home values have risen by nearly 30%, and you can expect to earn handsome returns by selling your home.

A big question you would have is ‘how to sell my house in Florida? ’Sell Your Home Easily and Conveniently in Florida This guide gives you the answer to this question by listing out different ways to sell your house. The objective should be to sell your house easily and conveniently while getting the money you expect.

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Selling your home in Florida

We have three options for you to sell your home in Florida. You can go through the details, Sell Your Home Easily and Conveniently in Florida analyze the pros and cons, and decide which option best suits your needs. 

  1. Use the services of a real estate agent

The conventional way in which people sell their homes is to use the services of a real estate agent. The agent will list your house on the MLS and provide you with all the necessary assistance. The agent will help you find a buyer, negotiate with them, and ensure the closing happens smoothly.

Agents charge 2 to 3% of the sale price in return for these services as commission. This is for the listing service. The buyer’s agent also would charge a similar price. You can end up paying 5 to 6% of the home value as commission. This is expensive, and you should use this option only if you have no time to do things independently.

  1. Use the FSBO model

FSBO is ‘For Sale By Owner’. It is a model offered by many real estate websites, where they allow sellers to sell their houses directly without using an agent’s services. This is beneficial since You can easily put up your listing on eXp Realty as there are many homes for sale Florida save on the commission. However, you need to do everything yourself. You should be prepared to do things independently, from negotiation to paperwork.

Another drawback of the FSBO model is that your house will not be listed on the MLS. This is essential since MLS listing gives your house greater exposure. Agents and buyers will see your listing, thus helping you get more offers. MLS listing can be done only by real estate agents, so the FSBO model does not allow you this option.

  1. Use discount real estate brokers

A discount real estate broker is a regular real estate broker/agent. The difference is they offer substantial discounts on the commission. This is a good way for you to save commission money. Some brokers offer huge discounts to get bulk business. Others offer only basic services and, in return, reduce their commission. 

Flat rate brokers also charge a flat fixed rate for their services. If your house is highly-priced, working with a flat rate broker would benefit you. There are also virtual brokers who offer all services as regular brokers. But their services are online, which is why they offer discounts.

The Best Option and Who to Work With

Based on the above three options, we have a list of the top real estate firms/brokers for you. Go through the services offered and choose the best to help you sell your house.

1) Houzeo

Houzeo is a technology company that offers a flat fee MLS model. They don’t charge a commission for their services and can help you save a lot of money. You only need to pay a flat fee of $349 to list your house on the MLS. They are an established real estate company and offer a range of services. You can choose any service you need on an à la carte basis.

They are known for offering the best customer support service. They have an impressive customer rating of 4.9/5 from more than 3,000 reviews. Their technology makes it easy and convenient for you to list your house for sale. Apart from their website, they also have a mobile app to help you manage your listing.

2) Clever Estate

Clever Estate is a real estate brokerage that helps sellers connect to agents who can sell their homes. They are a virtual service provider who works online. A question people have is clever estate legit? The answer is yes – they are a professional company that help you find agents.

When you compare their services with Houzeo, you will find that there are hardly any savings on commission. Their business model works by getting a referral fee from agents. So, it is unlikely real estate agents would charge a lesser commission. They have a good rating of 4.9/5, but the lack of savings is a concern for sellers.

3) Houwzer

Houwzer is a flat-rate real estate brokerage. They are a discount brokerage that charges a fixed fee of $5000 for their services. This is a very attractive option if your home is priced high. You can save a lot of money on commission. But if your house is priced low, then it is not economical.

They have a 4.5/5 rating on Yelp. If you buy and sell using their platform, then they offer a rebate of $2500. The technology they offer is not up to the mark. Also, there are issues related to the support they offer. 

4) Simpleshowing

This company is a discount real estate brokerage that charges only 1% as the listing fee. This helps you save 2% of commission for listing, which can be substantial. They have a fairly good rating of 4.6/5. They have a team of experienced agents who will help you sell your house.

Simpleshowing matches you with a real estate agent who will work with you. This is a problem area since their agents are limited. If the agent is not up to the mark, then it can affect the selling process.

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