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Self-sufficient Italy Travel Experience You Should Know

Traveling to Italy has always been the dream of many people. Referring to Italy, people immediately think of the cradle of many cultures in the world, the capital of international fashion or a place of unique art treasures. Coming to Italy, you will witness the fascinating beauty of the great Roman architecture with the landscape and climate in the list of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Not stopping there, there are so many wonderful things located in this interesting boot-shaped country waiting for you to experience. And here are self-sufficient travel experiences in Italy that you should know.

How to apply for an Italian visa?

Beautiful Italy belongs to the European Schengen area. To be able to come here, tourists must apply for a visa. This is a compulsion that many people do not like at all. However, if you get an Italian tourist visa, you can go to 26 countries in the Schengen area without applying for a visa for that country (except in a few special cases). Italy tourist visa is considered the easiest to obtain among the Schengen countries.

♦ Latest Italy visa application notes

– All documents and information provided to apply for a visa to Italy must be complete, truthful, and accurate. If there is any error or fraud, the visa will be rejected.

– Remember to bring original documents for comparison when required.

– Submit the application on time and at the notified place. In particular, you must make an appointment to submit your application in advance, otherwise, your application will be rejected.

– During processing, the visa office may ask for some additional documents, so it is necessary to monitor the process.

– A short-term Italian visa application is highly appreciated when verified well: Good reason to go to Italy, strong financial status, and the possibility of sure return home after the trip.

– The cost of applying for an Italian visa must be paid in full according to the instructions. Note that this fee is not refundable even if you are granted a visa or not.

– If you are denied a visa to Italy, you will receive a notice of applying for a visa review according to regulations.

Experience hunting cheap flight tickets to Italy

To hunt for cheap and economical planes, you need to follow airline websites and sign up for emails to receive information and flight prices about 2-3 months before you go.

It is recommended to fly on night flights on weekdays. Fares for day trips and on weekends are usually higher.

It’s a good time to book tickets early, especially during the tourist season. Because this season, airline tickets to European countries and even Italy are often suddenly high.

It is preferable to book tickets online rather than buying tickets directly at the airport. Visitors do not need to queue to buy tickets, saving time and effort. In addition, some airlines also have many promotions, discount codes, coupons for those who book tickets online.

What to wear when traveling to Italy

To prepare for your trip to Italy to be complete, it is necessary to bring a full range of items, clothes suitable for the weather here. If you go in winter, it is quite cold in Italy with snow-covered with snow showers. Need to prepare very warm and thick clothes such as life jackets, turtleneck sweaters, scarves, socks, woolen hats, gloves, etc. Don’t forget to bring a thermos bottle of warm water to bring.

As for summer in Italy, the climate is cool and pleasant. Visitors should prepare comfortable clothes, convenient to move because to go through the attractions must walk quite a lot. Add sunscreen and lotion to your luggage.

How to prepare self-sufficient luggage to travel to Italy?

In addition to the clothes to bring, it is necessary to prepare well the necessary items. In addition, if you have children in your house, you need to bring milk, diapers, diapers, clothes, toys, some necessary medicines, etc. consult a professional. If you are taking medication, you need to bring the full dose.

What currency is used when traveling to Italy

Italy is one of the members of the European Union. Should Italy circulate and use the Euro as the official currency? When traveling to Italy, visitors need to change money and bring cash with low denominations or coins for convenience. At restaurants, hotels in Italy accept the use of international credit cards for payment.

Where to stay when going to Italy

When traveling to Italy in major cities, visitors should book accommodation in advance, especially during July, August in Rome, Venice, and Florence. Or the times of Christmas, New Year, or Easter because at this time a large number of people from all over the world flock to. You can also click here for villa options for your stay.

Staying at a hotel when traveling to Italy

Hotels in Italy are often overcrowded or full. Therefore, about 2-3 months before your departure date, you should book a room in advance. Moreover, when booking early, you can use discount codes, coupons for booking hotel in Italy to save more money. To the point of booking 2-3 weeks or 1 month in advance, there are already fewer choices or high prices. It is better to book a room far from the center to save money. If located near bus stations, train stations, it is even more convenient to move than move to the center.

Talking about hotels in Italy makes tourists come here “forget the way back”. With outstanding contemporary design with attractive charms. In crowded places, it is not uncommon for you to be asked to stay at least 3 nights. There are also breakfast rates included in the room rate in some other places regardless of whether you agree or not. Therefore, you should note this and ask in advance because you can eat outside for a lower price.


Traveling to Italy is always the most attractive destination. Come here to see with your own eyes a huge treasure of humanity with unique culture, people, and art. Hopefully, with the above Italian travel experiences, you have bought yourself the necessary luggage for a complete trip. Have fun and bring back meaningful gifts from this beautiful.

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