Sales Automation Features

Nowadays, almost every feature of a business can be automated in one way or another. Sales Automation Features Sales are no exception. From approving contracts faster to following up with customers more often, automation can help salespeople do what they do best– make more sales!

Automatic Reminders

It is important for salespeople to check up on customers every once in a while. Sales Automation Features It helps customers to feel like the business is thinking about them. It also helps businesses to make more sales. After all, it’s much easier to make a second sale to a customer than to make a first sale.

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Automatic reminders are a kind of workflow automation that are sent to the employee (usually) instead of the customer. So, even though the reminder to the employee is automated, the customer does not get an automatic reminder. The employee can take this reminder and message the client themselves.

This automatic reminder can be as complicated as using an app or as simple as adding an event to your work calendar.

Lead Generation

Lead generation, sometimes also called email lead generation, is the process of collecting customer (or potential customer) email addresses. Businesses can use these emails to send out email newsletters. These newsletters usually contain links to sales, new products, or the business’s websites.

Using automatic lead generation tools costs more than organically collecting emails but it is also a lot faster. There are several types of lead generation software to choose from. All of these will come with a fee, but the fees vary from site to site. Make sure your business picks whichever software is best for your business.

Automatic Scheduling

Setting up meetings for employees or clients can be tricky. All too often, it involves a series of emails back and forth for days until something is finally figured out. By using automatic scheduling tools, this process can be made much easier. There are all sorts of free and subscription-based scheduling websites and software online.

Some scheduling tools can link up to an email or calendar (like Google Calendar) on your computer. This keeps all of the information in one place. Some scheduling software can even make links that lead directly to the meeting software, like with Zoom or Google Meets. Some other great scheduling software includes Calendly and Time Trade.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures are becoming more common as more tasks are done online. Whenever a business needs something signed, whether it be from a customer, vendor, or another employee, it can be done with electronic signatures to save time.

This done exactly like it sounds like it is done. The party who needs something signed will send the documents to the signing party. It is best to use some kind of trustworthy software if you plan on sending the documents to be sent via email. From there, the signing party needs to authorize the software to accept an electronic signature to be just as valid as an in-person signature. The person then signs it by typing out their name or draw on a touchpad. Most software will also ask for them to write or type their initials. The documents can then be sent back to the first party and be accepted just as they would be if they were signed in person.

When looking into automating sales tasks, automate the tedious and time consuming basic tasks that wouldn’t usually need much human interaction to complete in the first place. It is usually best not to automate things like making phone calls or having meetings. When these things are automated, it takes away the human element of sales, which many customers look forward to.

Automating sales tasks is supposed to make the job less tedious and easier. Each business will want to automate different tasks to meet their business’s needs. Try one or all of the automation tasks in this list to see what works best for your business.

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