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Rummy is a game of skill. Learn all the 7 card rummy rules here to win

Despite having conflicting opinions regarding the nature of Rummy, this card game can be regarded as a game of skill. Over the years, Rummy was considered a game of luck.Rummy is a game of skill. It was until recently, that the Supreme Court declared that Rummy is legal in the Indian subcontinent. With the development of several online gaming apps like GetMega, Paytm First Games, Go Rummy and others, online Rummy has completely changed the course of traditional Rummy. On these platforms, you get to play different Rummy tournaments and matches. Also, Rummy is a game of skill. online Rummy allows a variety of real players to compete with one another. This way they can improve their strategic thinking and also acquire new skills to become a seasoned player. If you are a beginner, you must play Rummy on such gaming platforms to learn different skills. Further, Rummy offers a great chance to individuals to earn some extra money if they win the matches. Rummy is a game of skill. 

To level up the excitement of the game, people from different parts of the world have modified the traditional game of Rummy. And due to that, a myriad of variants have come into existence. One of the notable variants of Rummy is 7 card Rummy. This game is simple and quick compared to the other formats of this popular game. In 7 card Rummy a standard deck of 52 cards (excluding jokers) is used. The game starts when a dealer gives 7 cards to each player. After all the players receive 7 cards, the dealer places the other cards in a pile at the centre of the table. The 7 card Rummy game provides a great opportunity for players to showcase their card matching skills while playing against different opponents. 

Before you start playing this game, you must learn the various 7 card Rummy rules. Also, know about the scoring parameters and combinations to play wisely. 

Rules in 7 card Rummy games By Win

As mentioned earlier, 7 card Rummy is one of the fastest and simplest Rummy variants. To play 7 card Rummy a standard deck of 52 cards is used. This game is so simple that you don’t even need to keep score to know who is winning and who is losing. When the game starts, the dealer deals 7 cards to each player. The deal begins from left to right and continues in a clockwise manner. In the 7 card Rummy game, the dealt cards must be kept on the table face down, until the dealer deals cards to all the players. Keep the remaining cards in the stockpile. It is from this pile, that every player draws a card and the drawn card is placed on the table facing upwards. In this game, you must appear as the first person with a set of combinations. Cards from one or different suits can make this combination.  The player on the left-hand side of the dealer plays the first move. While you begin to play 7 card Rummy, make sure you take out the joker cards from the deck.

The main objective of this game is to get rid of all 7 cards as soon as possible. To do so you must form definite pairs and combinations by either drawing cards from the reserved pile or by picking up cards from the discarded pile. 

Winning rules in 7 card Rummy For Win

The first player who comes with a winning combination in his/her hand is the winner. Once you draw a card from the stockpile that forms the right combination of 7 cards, you should still discard one card and place it face down in the pile of face-up cards to show that you have finished the game. After that, you must show your cards to your opponents and if that really is a winning combination, you will be declared a winner. 

Scoring parameters in 7 card Rummy

The scoring parameter in 7 card Rummy is very different from the original form of Rummy. The value of the Ace cards carries 10 points in this game. And the cards from 2 to 9 have 5 points. The other face cards are worth 10 points while the dead card carries 50 points. 

Combinations in 7 card Rummy

As mentioned before, the combinations in 7 card Rummy can be of one suit or different suits. To stand as a winner in this game, you must form the combinations of 7 cards as quickly as possible. The first player who gets the combinations right and finishes all the 7 cards at the earliest becomes the winner. 

The 7 card Rummy game is indeed the simplest and fastest version of the traditional Rummy game. Now that you have learned about all the rules, scoring parameters and combinations in 7 card Rummy, consider playing this game to show your superior card matching skills to the different opponents. Also, you can use the GetMega app to contest in different Rummy tournaments and win exciting cash rewards. 

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