Review of the USPA Nationwide Security

In 18 years in business, USPA has earned 300+ positive reviews by focusing on customer service, green initiatives, research and development, and philanthropy.  

Headquarters are located in Miami, Florida

The Operations Center is located in New York City

Years in Business: 17.5 Years (as of Sept, 2022)

Areas of Service: Nationwide USA, Canada, All Caribbean Countries, Italy, France, UK

Management: Daniel Manning (CEO), Brian Fitzgibbons (VP)

The founder: Michael Evans (retired)

Causes: Human Trafficking, Missing Children, Kidnapping

Climate Initiatives: Platinum Level with Green Business Bureau

Overall Rating: 4.9 Rating. 395 Reviews (as of Sept, 2022)

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USPA Nationwide Security offers a wide range of services

You should check out USPA if you’re looking for a security company that offers comprehensive security services. Review of the USPA Nationwide Security Over 5000 security contractors and operations in 16 countries make USPA a world leader in security. Whether you’re looking for traditional security guards, witness protection, or anything in between, USPA has you covered. Review of the USPA Nationwide Security It is committed to providing clients with the highest level of security and has a reputation for solving high-profile kidnapping cases and providing emergency fire watch services.

Management at USPA is always training and learning

Dan Manning, the CEO of the firm, said, “If we did things in 2022 the same way we did them in 2005, we’d be irrelevant and ineffective.”. USPA Nationwide Security staff members are constantly trained. To ensure that their customers are always protected, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience. As a result of their ongoing training and years of experience, they can keep you safe and secure at all times.

Providing services to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and government agencies

A duty officer oversees operations on 6 continents from the USPA Operations Center in NYC, which has client support personnel, dispatchers, security consultants, and dispatchers. Over 5,000 security contractors are employed by USPA Nationwide Security to provide close protection, security guards, superyacht security, and other niche services.

Research and development are important to USPA


This week, USPA launched its Responsive Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Training Program and recently launched its Autonomous Security Technology (Drones). By 2023, they hope to achieve net zero emissions from both divisions and their new fleet of electric patrol vehicles.

USPA donates profits to charity

In addition to its social responsibility, the company has a good reputation. Profits from their business are donated up to 50%. Its Kingsman Philanthropic Corporation provides financial support to a non-profit organization that strives to make a difference in the lives of women and children who suffer from human trafficking, kidnapping, and witness relocation by providing financial support and witness protection.

USPA Nationwide Security Company is highly regarded

More than 300 clients have given USPA five-star reviews spanning decades and thousands of miles. With a 4.9 Google rating of verified, third-party reviews collected by their offices worldwide, the company’s clients have received excellent service, and its employees are happy with their jobs.

Whether you need security guards for superyachts in the Bahamas, buildings on fire watch in the USA, or bodyguards for bachelorettes in South Beach, USPA Nationwide Security is a proven security guard company worth considering.

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Daniel Manning, CEO

(800) 214-1448

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