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Restyled Toyota Tundra Gets More Storage, But It’s Not Unique

With no major updates for almost one and a half-decade, the second generation Toyota Tundra has fallen behind the competition in every conceivable way. While it had reliability and affordability on its side, Restyled Toyota Tundra Gets More Storage the generation-old design and features let it down. But despite all of its shortcomings, Toyota still managed to shift over 100,000 units every year thanks to the potent V-8 powertrain and stellar reliability ratings.

However, the wait is finally over, and for 2022,Restyled Toyota Tundra Gets More Storage Toyota is bringing out the all-new third-generation Tundra with a completely revamped design, updated powertrains, the latest technologies, and a new platform. Dubbed the GA-F, Restyled Toyota Tundra Gets More Storage the new platform will be the basis of all upcoming pickup trucks like the Hilux and Tacoma with a lot more aluminum used for better rigidity along with a steel-ladder construction. The footprint has also been altered with the new model as the rear section is now wider to accommodate higher loads and a new suspension setup. The multi-link rear suspension with coil springs and a new double-wishbone suspension at the front offers better dynamics and high-speed stability, matching the setup on some of the modern competition.

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The popular TRD Off-Road packages are still available with the new Tundra, swapping out the standard shocks with 2.5-inch diameter shocks from Fox and extra lift for better ground clearance. Along with the upgraded suspension, the TRD models also get a front stabilizer bar, skid plates, all-terrain wheels, and an upgraded drive mode system with more options.

The new Tundra will be offered in both double cab and crew cab configurations, with the former getting either a 6.5-feet or 8.1-feet bed, while the Crew Cab models are limited to a 6.5-feet or 5.5-feet bed. As expected, the double cab models are not as spacious as the crew cab if you plan on transporting a full load of passengers. The Tundra also misses out on a multifunction tailgate that is slowly becoming common in trucks of this segment.

What has changed on the inside? By Toyota

Just like the new exteriors, the interiors have been completely revamped for the latest generation and appear quite modern with a long list of luxuries like a panoramic sunroof, a massive 14-inch infotainment system, climate-controlled seats, and far superior materials used everywhere as compared to the outgoing model. While the design of the dashboard is boxy and doesn’t stand out, the build quality is impeccable as we’re used to with a Toyota. A lot more storage spaces are also provided around the new cabin including a large bin in the center console that can even hold a laptop if required.

Higher trim levels like the Platinum model can even pass off as a Lexus with premium quality materials used around the cabin and excellent refinement levels, partly because of the new powertrain.

Other notable additions include a fully digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster and Wi-Fi connectivity for 10 devices.

Both the front and rear seats are also upgraded with better comfort over long journeys. The rear seatbacks are also reclined further and feature more room than the outgoing model.

No more V-8 powertrains For Toyota

One notable omission with the latest Tundra is the potent V-8 engine, which was one of the highlights of the previous generation. Instead, the new Tundra is only available with a twin-turbocharged V-6 engine with or without hybrid tech. In its base state of tune, the output stands at 348 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque with the base models, while the higher trims bump it up to 389 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired to a smooth 10-speed automatic transmission and the whole configuration is lifted off the Lexus LS 500 SUV. As usual, the Tundra gets both 4×2 and 4×4 configurations.

Toyota calls its new hybrid setup the “i-Force MAX” system and it features an electric motor mounted to the transmission to fill in the gaps for better power delivery and recuperate energy in certain situations. The system also allows all-electric driving at parking speeds. With the hybrid system, the output is boosted to 437 hp and 583 lb-ft of torque. With the hybrid powertrain, there should be a small boost in efficiency figures as well, especially since it can shut off the engine at highway speeds when you’re just cruising along. Expected efficiency figures stand at 23 MPG on the highway and 18 MPG in the city with the hybrid model, while the standard Tundra is limited by a few MPGs.

Moving on to towing capacity, the new Tundra can tow up to 12,000 pounds with the new hybrid model, which is just about average for the class. Rivals like the latest Ford F-150 tops it with a maximum capacity of 14,000 pounds. The payload capacity is also limited to 1940 pounds, which is significantly lower than some competitors.

More expensive than the outgoing model

As expected with all the new upgrades, the new Tundra is a lot dearer with a starting price of $37,645 for the base SR model, while the range-topping models can easily cross the $60,000 mark. Since prices for the new hybrid powertrain haven’t been released, expect it to cost more than the standard engine. As usual, a lot of optional packages will also be available including the TRD off-road packages that offer several mechanical upgrades to go off the beaten path. Four-wheel-drive will also require a premium.

Is the new Tundra unique and better than its rivals?

While the latest generation is a significant upgrade over the outgoing model in every way possible, if we look at the big picture, it only manages to match modern rivals like the Ford F-150 and most American offerings. Make no mistake, the new Tundra is just as capable as its rivals, but there’s no real reason to opt for one unless you’re a Toyota loyalist who has been waiting for an upgrade. Overall, Toyota has done an excellent job with the latest Tundra, helping it brush its shoulder with some of the big players in the segment, and while it may not be unique, expect it to sell in high numbers for several years to come solely because of the Toyota brand.

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