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Renting in New York: A First-Timer’s Guide

The thought of browsing New York apartments can be a daunting one – after all, Renting in New York: A First-Timer’s Guide the city is huge and there is much to consider when looking for a place to settle down.

What is the commute like? What are average prices in the way of rent and utilities? How close are you to necessities? Renting in New York: A First-Timer’s Guide

We hope to take the mystery out of renting with this guide for first-timers.

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Always Go and See the Place By York

Never rent somewhere without seeing the physical rental property first. This can help avoid bait-and-switch scams, where photos depicting the place are not true to the actual state of it.

If You Want To Work With An Agent, Do Your Research

Just like apartments, there are a plethora of agents to choose from. If you decide to go this route, do a deep dive into each agent you look at.

What are their fees? How is their communication? You may even want to directly ask family and friends for recommendations first.

Be sure to work with someone reputable to make the overall renting process easier.

Look for Signs of Things to Negotiate

Perhaps you notice an apartment has been on the market for too long – why is that? It could be due to a simple inconvenience like apartment accessibility or bad conditions on the apartment that are simply annoying.

If you find you can live with any discrepancies like this, think about negotiating with the landlord. This may not come in the form of rent, but rather free storage or an appliance replacement. Never be afraid to ask.

Make Sure Building Amenities Line Up with the Lease

Your building may have gym access, certain parking, a roof deck, etc. Make sure these amenities are included as part of your lease so you can fully enjoy them.

Check out the Noise in the Area

In New York, you may have to be more lenient when it comes to noise control. Expect typical city sounds, but don’t settle for anything that is downright invasive.

Since the city has an active nightlife, head back to the area of the place you’re looking to rent later at night to assess what the noise level would be like when you’re sleeping. There may be a music venue or bar close by that can hinder some peaceful Zs.

Be Aware of Your Budget and Stick To It

It might be tempting to spring for an apartment just slightly out of your price range because of a great view of building perks, but don’t fall for the trap.

Know your budget up front so you can express it to your agent or landlord.

This can also help determine which of the five boroughs is best to look in for a place to live.

Prep Needed Documents

Landlords will want to see specific documentation when considering you for rent. This may include a photo ID, letters of reference (from previous landlords and/or employers, copies of recent pay stubs or bank statements, and a letter of employment.

Be aware that a credit check will be run, so fix any glaring problems that may pop up ahead of time.

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