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Reasons Why You Should Play Online Games


Raise your hands; who loves playing video games?

Raise your hands; who thinks it healthy?

And finally, raise your hands; Reasons Why You Should Play Online Games who is against playing video games?

There are no wrong answers to any question we ask. It is absolutely fine if you answered YES / NO.

Online gaming is an activity or just seen as a hobby. Reasons Why You Should Play Online Games You do it to relieve stress or escape from reality. As long as you control your actions, you are good to play online games. 

In fact, several studies have shown that having small gaming sessions from time to time helps users to stimulate their brain cells. Which positively affects health.

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Good Reasons To Play Video Games

Although online gaming is a form of entertainment, it can be a skill development activity with parents’ support and the right guidance.

What’s more, if the youngsters are introduced to video games with the right perspective, it can help them build perseverance to attain goals and improve their cognitive abilities.

That being said, below are a few reasons that support why to play video games.

1. Improve Decision Making By Games

Video games have become competitive, with large events having millions of dollar pool prizes. This means every decision you make in the game is worth thousands of dollars.

This logic doesn’t apply to normal gaming sessions. But the decision-making part remains constant.

The split-seconds decision you take and move forward with it even though it’s the wrong one teaches you decision-making abilities.

2. Keep Dyslexia At Bay

People who have Dyslexia find it hard to shift their concentration from one word to another. Because of their concentration lapse, speed, and accuracy.

Researchers have found that in the initial stage, Dyslexia is vulnerable to visual attention. Therefore introducing video games in the early phase can help cure Dyslexia.

3. Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination

All human beings typically come with inbuilt hand-eye coordination to some extent. This is why you don’t have to track down your hand movement to hold something. Instead, you can easily hold or touch the exact point on the first try.

But, as you grow, this ability is lost. Playing video games can ensure you can work on hand-eye coordination. And improving your hand-eye coordination can help you with jobs like athletes, physicians, or pilots.

4. Boost Creativity

A study has been made that shows that playing online video games can help you improve your creativity level regardless of your games. 

The study involved 500 gamers of age 12. The report concluded that gamers are more creative than non-gamers.

5. Slow Down Mental Age

Nobody can deny the fact that we age with time. No matter how frequent we are with exercises or balance with our diet, the body will eventually get fragile and weak.

The same thing can be said for the mind.

With time, your mind goes through the aging process. That’s precisely why older people find it hard to recall names or what they had in their breakfast.

Playing video games can stimulate your mind and slow down the aging process. In addition, playing video games acts as an exercise for your mind that keeps you healthy.

6. Increase Your Processing Speed

Processing information rapidly can help you understand things more quickly than others. For instance, you are given loads of information and then asked to make a decision; this ability will help you make accurate decisions.

Video games often require making rapid decisions while playing. You need to process and respond to loads of information on the screen accurately.

Wrapping It Up! For Games

There has been a long debate whether playing video games is good or bad for your mental and physical health. However, in recent years, it seems that the debate is fading away.

Unlike in the past, parents are progressive towards playing video games. Maybe this is because of the effects of digitalization.

Coming to an end, we would like to break the ice and ask which is your favorite game.

And if you are a true gamer, you won’t avoid the question. Come on! It will take a few nanoseconds to comment.

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