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Ranking 101: 5 Things to Remember When Making Your Tier List

Making tier lists can be a pretty fun and exciting way to kill time. Ranking 101: 5 Things to Remember When Making Whether you make them for the content of your channel or purely for enjoyment, ranking entries is amusing, especially if you know your stuff. Not to mention, you can make a tier list on almost anything from pop culture to science and lifestyle. They can include playable characters of a game or animals in the wild. Overall, Ranking 101: 5 Things to Remember When Making with the right topic and sufficient knowledge, it will be a while before you run out of things you can rank.

But just because it is fun does not mean that you can do it without considering any factors. Ranking 101: 5 Things to Remember When Making Although they are amusing to make, making tier lists can be pretty for some people. So if you plan to make any rankings, such as an Azur Lane tier list, here are five things you should keep in mind.

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Know Your Stuff and Do Your Research If Necessary

It is a no-brainer. Making a tier list without enough background knowledge will be challenging or downright time-consuming. It might not even matter if you are interested in the topic; as long as you lack sufficient information, your list can be inaccurate or even conflicting. As such, you should know your entries first before ranking them on who or what belongs in the highest tier and the lowest tier.

Although research can be tedious to do, it is a necessary step when you do anything that deals with information and facts. Not only is it critical for academic purposes, but it can also help you out when ranking something. For example, you plan to make a tier list on what land carnivore outranks the other meat-eating animals. Or which exercises belong to the highest tier and which ones belong to the lowest. Such topics may demand you to do your homework, so you have enough ideas on which has the higher ground compared to the others. And to make it worth your while, researching will help you gain even more knowledge!

Base Your Ranking on the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Entries Instead of Their Popularity

Popularity can be a pretty big factor in reality, especially in society. Some people may be given better opportunities even if they lack certain qualities because they are famous. But it is not the case you should use when making your tier list.

Always base your rankings on the strong and weak qualities of your entries. You can have many options and factors based on the topic of your tier list. These traits can include physical strength, intelligence, longevity, toughness, and many more. Reputation is not a key and primary factor compared to these qualities in tier lists. So, feel free to keep it as a secondary, and do not make a big deal out of it.

An example is when AVNJ, a YouTuber and streamer who is also a marine biologist, placed bass in the highest tier in his fish tier list. Although most people would put more well-known entries such as sharks, AVNJ considered other factors. These qualities then made bass a top-tier fish when most people would probably place it on lower tiers.

Do Not Forget and Overlook the Underrated Entries

This step goes hand in hand with the popularity and reputation factor mentioned above. There are times when the lesser-known entries tend to be better when compared to their more well-known counterparts. And if they have better qualities, then there is no shame in putting them in higher tiers than your favorite entries. After all, while bias can play a factor in tier lists, it is best to be objective in your ranking and not be too attached to your favorites.

For instance, you ranked every animated Disney movie ever made. Most people would probably put movies with bigger box office hits or are more often seen on social media. Although these movies may deserve acclaim due to their compelling stories or great soundtrack, some lesser-known films may be overlooked. So by adding these underrated movies to your tier list, you are raising awareness that these films exist and are worth watching.

The Bottom-Most Tier Does Not Always Need to Have Any Entries

Although you can put some entries in the bottom-most tiers or F tiers, it does not mean that you have to. It is most applicable if there is no worst entry in your list, and all of them have their good qualities that shadow the bad ones. Sure, some will be at the bottom, but the last place is not always required to be filled, especially if the entry does not deserve to be put dead last.

Let us take TierZoo’s shark tier list on YouTube. Although his approach in his videos is leaning towards gaming and player versus player or PvP format, he bases the qualities of his entries on real life. That being said, he did not add an entry in the bottom-most ranking in his shark tier list video as sharks do not have any bad qualities that affect them.

Not Everyone Will Agree With Your Ranking

It might be a hard pill to swallow, but at the end of the day, not everyone will agree with your tier list, no matter how objective you are. This factor all comes down to a matter of bias – what may not be so good for you may be good for others and vice versa. But you do not have to sweat it. People have their stand towards things, and it is totally fine.

Take a look at gaming channels that posted a tier list regarding video game characters. Games such as Tekken 7 or League of Legends, for instance, have a plethora of playable characters that fans pick when playing. And with such a massive fanbase and character options, it will be no wonder that a challenging pick to play for some might be the other’s main pick. And when you apply this concept in tier lists, biases could affect opinions. 

In a Nutshell

Tier lists make for great content and time killer. However, you will need to consider the five things listed above before making one. But most importantly, have fun when making your list, and feel free to do it with friends who know the same topic well. More minds can make for more entries and better qualities to consider.

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