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Professional Tips to Thoroughly Cleaning Your Apartment

Due to the seemingly unending pandemic, workers’ regular hectic schedule is no longer existing, leaving them with a lot of extra time— one way of spending that time and venting stress in general apartment cleaning.

Cleaning an apartment thoroughly can be dragging if you don’t have the technical know-how, no matter how determined you are. General cleaning is more complex than you think. Dumping trash, sorting dusty boxes, and vacuuming furniture requires a particular technique that cannot be master in one sitting. General cleaning involves a lot of experience.

But does that mean first-time apartment cleaners can’t get the job done in a professional deep cleaning services and seasoned manner? Nope, certainly not. Why? Because in this article, we will spill professional tips to thoroughly cleaning your apartment! It is like a crash course of general apartment cleaning.

After your read, I do hope you will become the next cleaning professional. So here are the tips:

1. Set a Schedule and Make a General Cleaning List in Chronological Order

Cleaning must be a process. If you just haphazardly clean your house from random places, then there is a marked tendency to result in a back job. Also, cleaning without a clear plan is an inefficient habit of clearing dust.

One example of that is sweeping the floor first then cleaning the ceiling. It is a lousy cleaning sequence because you will clean the floor twice. The dust from the ceiling settles down on the floor.

You can do general apartment cleaning efficiently by following this eight-step method:

  • Setting a cleaning schedule
  • Preparing cleaning tools
  • Declutter your clothes
  • Clean the Bathroom
  • Clean the Ceilings
  • Clean the Walls
  • Dusting of Furniture
  • Clean the Floor

In general apartment cleaning, make a schedule that most people in your home are available. Maximization of manpower lessens the burden of the task. It is also advisable to disseminate chores in general cleaning depending on one’s specialty and preference.

2. Availing Cleaning Services 

Availing cleaning services such as maid service, especially if you live independently, is pretty much reasonable. Hiring maid service may result in a much more desirable cleaning output because they are trained and experienced professionals. Just make sure to choose the most trusted cleaning services in town.

Another cleaning service that is also essential in cleaning is laundry service. Laundry service is simply washing, drying, ironing, and folding your garments. Availing laundry service near me is worth your bucks.

3. Work from Top to Bottom

It is the golden rule of cleaning. Because just like mentioned before, cleaning from bottom to top will result in a possible back job. When dusting your walls and ceilings, use a microfiber mop. An old shirt is a good substitute.

After working from ceiling to walls to floor, there is a minor part of your house that dirt settles in, and it is on the baseboards. No matter how shiny and sparkling your home is, your effort was in vain if the baseboards are dirty. Just like stated above, to clean your baseboard, you can use a microfiber mop or old shirt.

4. Choose the Right Vacuum

It is general knowledge to dust before you vacuum. Why? Because you might end up vacuuming the dust released during the same vacuum cleaner. Such a hassle. To avoid that from happening, better use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to ensure no dust is released when vacuuming.

5. Clear Off Knick-knacks from Surfaces

If you have many decorations on your table, remove them, put them somewhere, and clean the surfaces. This method saves you a lot of time. It is almost a protocol in cleaning to clear off everything on and under the table when dusting. After cleaning the table, give each knick-knack a quick and gentle run and decorate it just like before.

6. Dust All Furniture

Have you seen viral videos where they use vacuum cleaning to remove the dust on their favorite sofa or carpet? It is oddly, satisfying right? It is no cap. You can also do it in your apartment. Provided you must own that type of modern vacuum.

7. Say Goodbye to the Rust

Painting rusty grills can be expensive in the long run. Instead, replace it with a brand new one if you have the financial capability. Rusty objects can be real harmful because you can get a disease like tetanus when a rusty thing causes your wound. In your next decluttering, include rusty metals such as nails and rods.

8. Fold your Towels Hotel-style

Third-folding your towel just like in hotels is not only for aesthetics. It may be a simple trick, but it organized your room well. Compare it when your towel is hanging grossly. It is much better, right. Third-folding your towels prevent it from being scratched and abrasive because it is not subjected to any kind of friction, unlike when you let it hang everywhere.

9. Look Around your Bathroom and See the Cleanable

The bathroom is the dirtiest place in the house. That’s why you should clean it thoroughly. There must be zero haphazardness while cleaning the bathroom because germs and bacteria can develop. For example, when you skip cleaning the crannies and nooks. It can create molds, bacteria, and germs, which can be harmful to your fam’s health.

Here is some bathroom cleaning method you must regularly:

  • Scrub the bathtub
  • Wipe the faucet heads and shower
  • Sanitize the bathroom floor
  • Apply ozone deodorizer
  • Wash shower curtains
  • Disinfect toilet
  • Change bathroom rug more often
  • Clean shower doors and mirrors
  • Clean nooks and crannies
  • Wipe cabinets inside out

Apartment general cleaning is draining. But there’s no other choice because who wants to live in a gross and dirty apartment. Now that you are a graduate of the apartment general cleaning crash course, schedule the right day and sweat up by cleaning your apartment like a professional. A clean home is a happy home. Have everything clean, neat, and organized; how your home looks will reflect what’s going on inside your mind. If you want to keep it clean and tidy might as well invest in a self storage unit.

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