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Power Rangers Characters Party Ideas For Kids Birthdays

Power Rangers Characters and trampoline jumping look to go together. Do not think? If your kid is a massive fan of the Power Rangers Characters, we think a themed party with pour Power Rangers party Characters will turn out to be one of their memorable and happiest days.

If you’re super crafty, there is no need to DIY Power Rangers party ideas you can find. But for those looking for a done solution, there’re several options for all from invitations, décor to cake toppers. We have put together some of the great Power Rangers party characters’ theme ideas we have seen.

The birthday girl or boy 

No matter how old our Power Rangers Characters fan is turning, we bet they would be loved to be their favorite Power Rangers or their big day. You will need to ensure that any or mask does impede their ability to jump on the trampoline quickly. Other than that, the sky’s the limit. We have seen birthday boys and girls in Power Rangers kids party characters t-shirts. There’re cute matching leggings and skirts for a little princess. And for the boys, a jumpsuit is a good choice.


If you are feeling genuinely creative, you can design out Power Rangers Characters-themed invitations. They are sure to be huge. But if you are a little less crafty than that, you are sure to find a fine assortment of invitations at your local store. We have seen some invitations that double as Power Rangers Character masks; those are always a huge hit.


Thanks to the enormous popularity of the new Power Rangers film, you will find no shortage of Power Rangers themes napkins, plates, table cloths, and bowls. You can get many creative that that with your décor tough. For the table, Power Rangers-themed pop-up table toppers are a good option.

Spread an assortment of ninja power starts on the table to keep every little hand occupied and engages. Save the disk shooters for goody box or bag to ensure disks do not get lost and the little ninjas do not things too far.

If you’re arranging a Power Rangers character party for your young Power Rangers character fans, or if some sisters and brothers need to be entertained, our Power Rangers party characters are an ideal option to make your big days more fun and memorable.

Power Ranger Goody Box or Bags

Here is where you can get creative. There are many Power Rangers essentials to select from. You might have an issue deciding. You can pick small Power Rangers swords, tattoos that are certain to be fun no matter which Power Ranger character is your favorite. Power Rangers bracelets, sunglasses, t-shirts are very famous now. One of my favorites is the mini-toy figurines, available in a range of action poses. Every Power Ranger lover loves them!

We hope you like our Power Rangers themes birthday ideas. Please contact us to hire Power Rangers party characters to help ensure your trampoline party is a big success; whatever theme you pick, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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