Personal Accident Insurance – A Companion for Lifelong

Individuals today have several responsibilities in life, and they have to shoulder them even when they are unwell or disabled to perform their job. Personal Accident Insurance – A Companion When you have an accident, you will not be able to work, and you are at risk of losing income. Yet, there are financial commitments and hospital expenses that you have to meet. In such a situation, if you are employed or self-employed, personal accident insurance will help you meet your expenses and commitments. Personal Accident Insurance – A Companion 

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How is personal accident insurance beneficial?

Personal accident insurance is for those individuals who want coverage against accidents. An insurance company offers complimentary personal accident protect for two months of hospital confinement due to an accident. You will get complimentary worldwide coverage, which will help you and your family during emergencies.

For instance, self-employed people or contract workers cannot afford long-term unemployment due to accidents, or a sole owner or a partner, responsible for the business, cannot afford long-term absence from his/her job due to disability or illness. It will lead to a complete collapse of not only their current income but also that in the future.

During such a situation, paying heavy hospital bills will be an additional burden. Personal accident insurance will provide hospital care coverage up to the sum insured if the insured person has an accident.

Complimentary personal accident protect will cover your hospital bills for two months during such unforeseen circumstances. You can claim personal accident insurance in Singapore after 30 days, and the compensation is paid immediately after the verification process.  

Why do you need personal accident insurance?

The increasing number of accidents due to traffic and rough driving requires individuals to have personal accident coverage to secure their financial conditions. Hospital expenses are costly, and it is difficult for anyone to meet unexpected medical bills. You can save yourself from such a situation by having adequate insurance coverage for you and your family.

There are several companies offering personal accident insurance in Singapore. You can search online to find the best plans and compare them to select the right one

Various benefits of buying personal accident coverage

Here are a few good things about having complimentary personal accident protect.

  • A worldwide coverage of up to S$100/ 24-hour hospital confinement for 5 days 
  • Get financial assistance for you and your immediate family members.
  • No hidden costs. 
  • Receive additional coverage, even if you have existing personal accident insurance coverage
  • No additional payment
  • No request for cancellation is necessary as the policy will expire after not paying the premium for two consecutive months 
  • Your policy and coverage start immediately after the submission of the application.

To make a claim, you can contact the call centre and provide all documents. The documents should be up to date. You can also apply online after 30 days of having an accident formally with the filled claim form and supporting documents such as: 

  • Medical certificates and other supporting certificates
  • Proof needed by the insurance company
  • Accident statements from the police, any carriers, or other authorities 
  • Accident documentary evidence 
  • Police investigation report.

A claim number is allotted once you have filed your claim. You will receive a message acknowledging the claim and SMS notification to your registered email. On successful claim submission, a claim handler will review you. If any additional information is essential, you will receive a call.

In 5 to 7 business days, the claim assessment will commence, and your claim will be finalized. You will receive the compensation in the next 5 to 7 business days.

It is essential that you should ensure your family’s future by having complimentary personal accident insurance.

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