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Paul Boukadakis – Bio, Career, Parents, Net Worth, and Wife

Paul Boukadakis is well-known for many things, but his relationship with actor Ana Armas is. That must buy publicity apart from this, and Paul is quite an accessible businessman. However, he has venture into the movie industry for some years. But Paul Boukadakis Tinder is now stuck to the career globe; Paul is a gigantic part of Tinder, the app. Therefore, this isn’t how Boukadakis met his smart girlfriend, Ana Armas; a peek at their around-year significant link. Paul Boukadakis Tinder is also famous for being the lover of Spanish actor Ana De Armas. Boukadakis has classical work in his film career, creating and coordinating a few music records and ads. In addition, he also features in a fistful of small movies, with credits for acting and produce.


Ana De Armas husband is a popular actor, and he was born to his parents on 9 February 1984 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, America. However, Paul was raised in fugitive camps, to IMDB. Paul is 37 years old, and to this birth date of years 2021and, every year on 9 February cuts his cake. Therefore, he receives his education at an honorable University in Tulsa to sources. Bishop high school was also his master, and Paul concentrate on his acting profession. In the incorporation, Ana Caso has a masse a size worth follows, and he is now a famous businessman and actor in the relaxation company.

  • Full Name: Paul Boukadakis
  • Date of Birth: 9 February 1984
  • Age: 37 years old
  • Place of Birth: Tulsa, Oklahoma, America
  • Residence: California, America
  • Profession: Actor & Producer
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Education: Graduate
  • Net worth: $22-25 million USD
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Height: 5′ Feet 11″ Inches
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Gender: Male
  • Mother: Paulette Bouakadakis
  • Father: Michael Boukadakis
  • Sisters: Sunny Bouakadakis, Autumn Bouakadakis
  • Brother: Joey Bouakadakis
  • Girlfriend: Ana de Armas

Personal life:

Ana De Armas, a famous actress, introduce Boukadakis to the people’s eye after they start dating. However, Paul looks at Ana to rumors since July, and they were early spot together at the airport in September. He and Ana went to dinner at Ivy in London only some days later. He got introduced to Ana through his path, and their link blossomed as they met early. Therefore, the Cuban actor has presented a few of his proportional, and she had a romance with Ben first met him. When ask about her justification for left Los Ana says that Ana De to escape the unwant consideration De was receive as a result. So, in 2021, Ana De Armas and Ben were insolvent.


Paul Boukadakis Tinder is a famous actor who was born in Oklahoma. To his sources, he receives his education at an honorable University in Oklahoma City. However, his alma De mater was also Bishop high school, and he focus on his acting profession. Arma De Armas is a lover partner of Paul, and to IMDB, he was raising in immigrant camps. In addition, Paul has a sizable follow in the career universe, and he is now right in the film industry as a performer and businessman.

Career of Paul:

First, enter the career globe; Paul Boukadakis Tinder works as a music and mercantile director. However, as a producer of 10 years, his history background came into play. He got the main idea for his video site to his music globe. Paul is investigating the field of acting with some roles in small movies like Dinner with Rushers. Therefore, a new 20s Fuchsia Magpie and Elephant Boukadakis were also featured in the video Dolls as worry Russell. Paul Boukadakis wants to do fantastic things with his personal life and encounter complete terms of work.

This led to become the CEO and founder of the share video app call originally wheel called Ferries. Paul returned to his Westward heritage to test his hit product among the oldest generation. In addition, he obtained Wheel makes the industry’s vice principal of unique initiatives. Paul held location in the business and creative finish of the fantastic fun globe and was after the founder at Airstream.

Net Worth – Paul Boukadakis:

Boukadakis is a talented man with an expected net worth of almost $20 million. They also obtain work in social media, which is also dollars per million years. However, the wheels were found by him in 2015 and became the industry name of the period. Chris and Paul Boukadakis start the industry twice, with shaheen serving as the industry’s CTO. Therefore, 2 more other founders of the video share app include his brother, Joey, and Brian’s daughter. To make look videos on cell devices more accessible, they create a video app. In addition, an upfront invests $2 million began in 2015, and a wheel video share service failed to break even. Generally, the video app acquired 5000 downloads and was ranked 574 in the video and picture section store. Then Paul Boukadakis join Twitter large with the stay of the fundamental group, and Chris Brian, Joey, and Daugherty.

Height & Weight:

Ana Caso stands at 5 feet and 11 inches with a balance body weight of 75 kilograms. However, Paul Boukadaki has an intelligent look eye color blue, and their hair color is brown. Boukadaki has got an excellent unorthodox see and raw about him. Therefore, his body’s establishes type is unexceptional.

Paul’s Wife, Marriage:

Following the details, Paul Boukadakis Tinder rose to protuberance follow his relationship. However, Cuban actor Ana to the couple make their early people appearance at JFK in September. He has dated Ana De Armas since July to report to you that Ana’s girlfriend first met Boukadakis. Therefore, Ana also married Marc from 2011 to 2013, consonant with sources. There are no accessible details about his antecedent links or affairs, and he is a bachelor.

 Parents & Siblings:

After comprehensive research, we discover that Boukadakis is a member of the right to establish a collective family. However, to his birth date, Paul was born into a Christian family, and his song is the zodiac Aquarius. He is of totally white Caucasian practices and ethnicity Christianity. Therefore, it comes to his family, his dad, Michael, is the founder of the detail technology firm. Paul that father is a University of Oklahoma former. He Wagner’s mom’s name is Autumn Boukadakis, and his sister’s name is Joey Boukadakis or Sunny. His siblings, to report his brother Joey found a familiar Individual in a creative strategy firm. In addition, his sister Autumn, the interior designer, and holder of Spindle Co. Paul Boukadakis, enjoys spending a period with his lovely family.

Quick Facts of Paul Boukadakis:

  • Paul Boukadakis has also arisen in numerous magazine features and TV commercials.
  • He also produces and guides several mercantile under sources.
  • Boukadakis also work as a 2nd deputy camera in the small movie Lucy in the Sky in 2012 Diamond.
  • His sibling, Autumn, is also a famous singer & songwriter.
  • Paul Boukadakis is a common social media exploiter.
  • His Instagram currently has 639 fans as of November 2021.
  • Paul Boukadakis enjoys growing a dumb beard.
  • Boukadakis idolizes dogs & keeps 2 of them at the house.

Films & TV Shows:

Paul Boukadakis Tinder start work in the entertainment company in 2007, to his IMDB account. However, with the small movie Rushers, Paul makes his direct acting debut with his sibling Joey. In his quality movie debut, Boukadakis Kyle. That appears in several movies and TV shows, include An Elephant, Dinner with Raphael, worry Dolls, and more. Therefore, Paul Boukadakis is also an actor in being a producer. Ana De Armas produces several small movies include. In addition, the Reality snow Monster & Lucy in the Diamond with Sky.

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