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Overtone Hair Color: What Is It? Know everything about it

Overtone hair color know everything about it. Styling your hair for any occasion brings joy so does dying your hair in different hues. And, with many hair coloring products available in the market, which should you go for? And it’s where Overtone Color comes. A one-stop-shop for all your hair dye needs to change your hair color in a better and easy way.

Overtone Hair Color

But what is it? Well, simply speaking Overtone color has a product line that offers color-depositing conditioners. Any person can use these color-depositing conditioners to dye their hair into stunning vibrant and fantasy colors. You can find tons of different vibrant hues in its color haul like Rose gold, Purple, blue, and even pastel.

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Read on to find out related questions you have in your mind regarding hair color.

Is Overtone Hair Color Cruelty-Free?

Before using any hair product, many people wonder whether or not any product is cruelty-free. However, Overtone doesn’t contain any harmful substances like ammonia or peroxide. Plus, all their products are certified by PETA, meaning no animal testing. According to Overtone, their products are all cruelty-free as they prepare their products with plants.

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Can You Use Overtone Color for Brown Hair?

Overtone’s hair color is specifically perfect for brown hair. You can find a range of products for brown hair Cruelty-Free is a page specific for brown hair. What’s more, you can try their iconic fantasy colors on your brown hair.

Overtone offers an array of different dyes like Ginger, Rose Gold, Green and Blue. And my favorite one from its fantasy hue collection — Pastel purple, is worth a try.

It’s worth mentioning that its fantasy colors might not show up well on dark hair. However, you must opt for bleaching before trying on their vibrant hues.

How Long Does Overtone Hair Color Last?

Hair color’s ability to last for a longer time has to do with several factors. And these factors can vary from person to person. For instance, a person whose hair can absorb things quickly has an advantage over the other person.

Plus, overtone hair color isn’t a product that will wash out your hair dye after the first shower. And as experts advise not to wash your hair regularly because it can damage your hair.

So to answer your question, it does last over a month depending on your hair care. Moreover, it isn’t a permanent dye. Even so, overtone dye can stick to your hair even after 20 washes.

For the best long-lasting hair color results, use sulfate-free shampoos and overtone conditioners.

Overtone Hair Color Conditioners

For keeping your hair color vivid with a lasting effect, Overtone offers different conditioners suitable to your needs. Their pigmented conditioners come in two different packs— Daily Conditioner and Coloring Conditioner.

You can use Daily Conditioner after shampooing your hair. Keep in mind, these contain formulas to deposit hair color in your hair. But, it’s worth using for keeping your hair color vivid.

On the other hand, Coloring Conditioner is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to maintain their hair color. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of fantasy colors to add a different color to your locks.

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