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Outfit ideas for special events with a men’s double-breasted coat – try a black wool coat!

When it comes to men’s style, one of the most classic looks that any gentleman can pull off is the double-breasted coat. These coats are always good Outfit ideas for special events with at making a statement while also allowing the wearer to look incredibly formal and official. 

But how should one try to wear a double-breasted coat so that they can be sure that they have a look ready for any type of occasion? 

You’ve come to the right place to find out. Let’s get started! Outfit ideas for special events with

Double-breasted coat with white pants 

Whether you are wearing a high-end double-breasted coat like a Gucci or Balmain or wearing an old family heirloom, one great option for you is to wear double-breasted coats with white pants.

White pants and a well-fitting double-breasted blazer go together like milk and cookies. The jacket’s roots in the seafaring community makes this a great outfit for any summer wedding or non-black-tie event and will offer a clean exterior for an outfit that can be quickly and easily paired down as long as you take off the jacket! 

Double-breasted coat with denim 

Just like denim looks great with any formal blazer or suit jacket, double-breasted jackets mixed with a well-fitting pair of denim jeans look simply fantastic. We recommend that you don’t pair denim with a plain double-breasted coat, but instead with a beautifully patterned one. This will always have you looking sharp and even a little dressed up at a pretty casual event. 

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One thing that anyone who is trying to mix denim and a double-breasted coat should never do is pair a navy double-breasted blazer with blue jeans. This will just look like you accidentally put on a pair of jeans instead of wearing the full suit. 

Double-breasted coat over a T-shirt

While double-breasted coats typically are paired with collared shirts, they can also look quite sharp with just a simple and plain T-shirt. Of course, you will want to make sure that the collar of the T-shirt looks great with the double-breasted coat whether it is open or closed. You will also want to make sure that the colors of the shirt and the coat blend well as well. 

Pairing this with a pair of well-fitting slacks and a pair of dark loafers or leather sneakers will make you look super sharp at any kind of non-formal event. 

Double-breasted coat with shorts

If you are looking to really stay cool and make quite the stir at any upcoming event, pair a light double-breasted coat with a matching pair of shorts. This look is definitely only for people who are confident and comfortable with all of their looks, as you are sure to get quite a lot of comments and compliments! 

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Well, there you have it! All you need to do now is figure out which option is best for you so you can look your very best the next time you want to wear a double-breasted coat.

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