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Organic ranking: how to improve your website visibility on Google

Organic ranking is a fundamental aspect for anyone who owns a website and wants it to be successful. Basically, Organic ranking: how to improve your website nowadays it is not only important to build a website that is well done and offers high quality products. As a matter of fact, your website must absolutely have a good position in Google ranking, or else it will never get the success it deserves. As good as your products and the service you offer may be, Organic ranking: how to improve your website if your e-commerce doesn’t appear among the first results of Google’s search page your customer may never even find it. Nowadays visibility is everything, and the only way to been seen and found by customers is to place your website in a good position in the SERP. Before even thinking of improving your ranking, it is essential to carefully evaluate what the situation is and where exactly your site stands in Google’s search results. Today, this process won’t be as challenging as you think because you’ll be able to rely on the support of specialized companies such as Aritmetika, which will help you grow in digital performance and to improve your website ranking. If you’re planning to boost your e-commerce ranking keep reading. In the next paragraph’s we’ll have a closer look on how to increase your visibility on Google.

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How to increase visibility on Google By Ranking

As previously mentioned, nowadays it is crucial for a website to appear among the first results in the SERP. In order to increase your visibility on Google and other search engines you will need to follow some simple rules aimed at improving your positioning on the results page. This way customers will find your site more easily. Let’s have a look on the most important ones.

Choose your keywords carefully For ranking

The first step to improve your visibility on Google is to identify the right keywords for your website. Keywords are extremely important tools which help users and customers to find your website. By choosing the right ones, your websites will benefit in ranking terms as well. Your goal is to be better positioned on the Google result page than your competitors. This first step is absolutely crucial for the success of your e-commerce. 

Improve your copywriting skills

Good copywriting will also give you a precious help in your ranking situation. Choosing the right titles, anchor texts, topics etc, will not only help your site positioning, but it will also dramatically improve user experience, which as you know is essential for the success of a website.

Optimize your page titles and meta descriptions

When it comes to Google and other search engines, HTML title plays a key role in the ranking of a website, and for this reason it should be properly structured. The title tag should in fact have the purpose to describe in a few words the content the user will find on your website. This will help you boost your organic ranking. Meta description is really important as well: even though it doesn’t affect ranking directly, it represents a good description which encourages customers to click on your website rather than your competitor one. In addition to that, it also plays an important role in SEO optimization

Pay attention to your URL structure

The length and structure of your URLs are also important for your website’s visibility on Google. As a matter of fact, a short and well-structured URL will be way more effective than a long one.

Choose your anchor texts wisely

Anchor text is another key element for the success of your website and for Google ranking as well. It is a short text that helps the search engine determine what the link to which it is connected is about. When you place anchor texts and target pages in your website, whether you are directing users to an internal or external link, it is important to structure them the right way. In order to achieve this result, you must absolutely avoid inserting “unnatural” anchor text within the text. On the contrary, the sentence must be placed in a natural way which entices the user to click on it.

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