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Online Teaching Tools- Online Courses

There are various types of online tools that are used by teachers for taking lectures, Online Teaching Tools- Online explaining concepts, completing the syllabus and sharing their knowledge. Online education has brought out more tools and features than ever for the benefit of both students and teachers. The teaching tools meant for online teaching have made taking lectures and conducting classes in the online mode easier and more convenient. It has also offered creative tools and features to make lessons interesting and engaging for the students. Online teaching is not just limited to teaching in a school or a college or at a private tuition or a coaching centre. Online classes can be conducted in the form of online courses that have gained a lot of popularity for various positive reasons. Online Teaching Tools- Online Online courses have made learning for all possible even in a pandemic and the imposed lockdowns situation. Online courses have made it possible to learn about new subjects and topics and add more skills without having to change our schedule or go out of the house. Creating an online course using an online courses platform has also become a source of additional income for not only teachers but many professionals from various fields who have always wanted to explore the field of education. 

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In this article, we will be discussing an online course as a tool for online teaching. We will discuss how this type of course is beneficial for students and teachers and the features and tools of the platforms used for this type of course. Selling courses on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience and more students have also gained much popularity. In this article, we will also be discussing how such courses are created and sold across various platforms and how you can use your knowledge and skills to make an additional income from teaching. 

An online course, as the name suggests is conducted using online platforms such as apps and websites. This type of course can be completed by logging in to the website you choose for completing your course or by installing apps on your desktop or smartphone for the same. There are various benefits of online courses. Such courses are available for a large variety of subjects. From fun and exciting games and courses for kids that help them learn the alphabets, numbers, colours, shapes and other such basics to the very high-demand skills needed by professionals for bagging a new job or getting a promotion, online courses offer multiple courses on each topic for people form all age groups. This type of course also offers the flexibility of learning. As and when you have time, you can access and watch your course videos, read your study material and attempt the tests that are offered by your course creator. The course can be completed at your pace and you do not have to change your schedule or go somewhere outside the house to attend this type of class. 

The next good thing about such courses, as mentioned before is that professionals from every field can create and conduct this type of course. All you need to have is the course material that you wish to share with students. You can then use the various online tools offered by the course platform for creating videos out of the materials and upload and sell the same. The best part about creating selling such courses? The course creator can reach a very wide audience, in fact, they can reach students from across the globe. Online courses allow teachers to sell a course on more than one platform. This can ensure that a single course is widely available on platforms that are accessible in various countries depending on the internet permissions. It also makes sure that your knowledge and skills are useful for students from anywhere in the world. 

Online courses can be live courses or video-based courses. For live classes, there will have to be a timetable fixed that will be suitable for both the tutor and the learner and will also require the tutor to be present in real-time during the class. Video-based courses only need to be recorded once and posted on the platforms. They can then be accessed by students at any time and the teacher only has to be available in case there are any doubts or queries. 

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