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Online Bitcoin Casinos – Types of Bonuses and Tips to Use Wisely

Online Bitcoin Casinos Cryptocurrencies have been gaining attention from large organizations, financial institutions, and even the government. They have entered the mainstream and you can legitimately say that they are gradually capturing every industry including online casinos.

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Some years ago, the Bitcoin gambling sector was struggling. People were concerned about cryptocurrency and even regulators did not support it. However, it generally continued and flourished because of BTC casino bonuses. Bonuses attracted players, which pushed the cryptocurrency gambling sector the necessary boost to Online Bitcoin Casinos.

It takes a lot of effort and time to find top BTC casino bonuses. Visit the review site clovr.com, where you can check promo codes and bonuses offered on a single platform. Today, bonuses have gone bigger and better. Besides, Bitcoin casino bonuses and offers are more generous than you can receive on fiat casinos. Even casinos that accept both traditional and cryptocurrencies favor the latter.

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The online casino sector is competitive. Each one has a unique operating structure. Different companies are involved in offering casino operators game licenses and support. The casino operators need to get creative in their promotional activities including bonuses and offers.

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Promotions help the casino website owner to stay competitive and attract players. Offering attractive bonuses seems like throwing away cash but down the road, it saves them cash. The casino owners strategically design the offers bonuses to ensure that it works in their favor. Eventually, it brings in lots of ROI.

Different forms of casino bonuses are available

  • Welcome bonuses – Welcome bonuses comprise cashback offers, free spins, and more.
  • Deposit match bonuses – If 100% match bonus with value up to 0.1 BTC [current value is $2,048]. If you deposit 0.01 BTC then you qualify for a bonus of $204. On winning, cash out $204 after fulfilling the terms.
  • No deposit bonuses – You sign up on a casino and get no deposit bonus worth 1mBTC. Play and if you win withdraw the winning and amount left from the bonus after fulfilling the terms.
  • Cashback bonuses – Cashback bonuses can compensate for your losses with a specific amount. Usually, they match deposit bonuses.
  • Free spins bonuses – If you receive 50 free spins then the spins can be used to win 1 mBTC [milli Bitcoin], 1mBTC = $20.54 currently. You can withdraw $20.54 after fulfilling the conditions.
  • Loyalty programs – Benefits of Loyalty Schemes encourage existing players via points. The loyalty points can be in the form of rewards like free spins, free bets, trade points for cash, and more.

Read the fine prints before you sign up for welcome bonuses and offers. It helps to avoid unpleasant surprises down the road. Terms and conditions differ from one casino website to another, so never assume!

Tips to use bonuses

  • Focus on quality and not quantity because a 1BTC bonus is extra valuable than what 5 BTC offers. The 5 BTC may need more deposits. It means you need to bet more money to make credits come your way. On the other hand, a 1BTC bonus will be available at the same time. You can enjoy countless free spins!
  • Check how the wagering requirements work. Clearing a high wagering requirement takes longer. Aim for 20 times a week or if you don’t gamble regularly the clearing rate can become challenging.

Choose the right games and keep an eye on game limits and cashout limits!


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