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Nightmares of Running a Business without SEO and Help from an SEO Company

Imagine joining a race with thousands of other people, with competitive spirits up in the skies and the grand prize being unimaginable. However, Nightmares of Running a Business without looking around, you’ll notice that everyone is riding a bicycle or a motorcycle while you came into the race with nothing but yourself. That scenario pictures what it is like to run a business without investing in SEO Sydney and an SEO company — you find yourself behind other companies. Nightmares of Running a Business without 

Search engine optimization has been the talk nowadays, primarily because of its effectiveness in getting more leads and sales when done correctly. Without one, you put yourself out in the online world without a strong presence, driving away customers from your website.

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If your worry is the challenge of setting up SEO for your business, there are now a lot of companies that offer to do all of these for you and vouches to put you on a higher rank in different search engines. Here is what will happen, to give you a clearer picture of what you will be missing out on without these.

Behind the Competition By Seo

With millions of google searches per year added to millions of searches from other engines, it is undeniable that the internet is now the primary source of information for clients and customers to search for businesses. Because of this, companies choose to invest in excellent search engine optimization by hiring an SEO company to build them the website that can be located in the first few pages of search engines. Now, if you choose not to avail of a company’s service, you let your competitors get ahead of you. People would click their websites because of their placement in search engines while your website waits to be engaged in the last pages. 

Out of Sight

As stated above, not having SEO means that you would find your website on the 10th or maybe 15th page in search engines. To tell you the brutal truth, not many people will spend additional time to go through all 15 pages in google, so your website will be left there, unvisited. Apart from that, the name of your business will not make a great noise in the market because it will be pretty challenging to drive new and spontaneous people to your site. So while your competitors are enjoying the benefits of SEO, including additional clicks and engagements, you will be left with crumbs, waiting for someone to land on your website.

Losing Potential Customers

Considering that you will be behind the competition and out of sight in different search engines, this would undoubtedly lead to your business losing potential customers. With SEO, you will find more people visiting your website, and that could lead to purchases, but this would be hard to achieve without one. Aside from this, it would not be easy to build connections with people that could eventually branch out to more connections, followers, and even supporters of your business. You limit yourself to only simple website viewers or unexpected customers when there is room for so much more.

Now that you have a picture of what it would look like to have no SEO and a company that would help you with this, these should be enough to tell you that it might be time to get one. Imagine the race you were in earlier; other businesses might already be in their bicycles and motorcycles representing search engine optimization and agencies while you are equipped with nothing but yourself. However, you can always get one for yourself.

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