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New To Weed? Try Same-day Weed Delivery Services In Burnaby

A 2020 Canadian Cannabis Consumption survey revealed that the percentage of Canadians who believe regular cannabis consumption causes mental health problems dropped to 66% from 75%. The survey indicates an increasingly positive attitude towards cannabis use,New To Weed? Try Same-day Weed Delivery Services In Burnaby hence why statistics show an increase in cannabis consumption among various adult age groups.

Despite cannabis legalization in Canada, navigating the weed landscape often proves tricky for newbies. One factor cannabis novices grapple with is finding the ideal cannabis store and selecting efficient delivery options. If you are new to cannabis, find out why same-day weed delivery services are worth exploring below.

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1.  Convenience

Weed delivery services offer cannabis consumers in Burnaby and beyond unparalleled convenience by allowing them to order cannabis products from their homes. Therefore, you can spend less time queuing in a cannabis dispensary, especially given COVID-19, and more time tending to matters worth prioritizing.New To Weed? Try Same-day Weed Delivery Services In Burnaby

For starters, you do not have to take time away from work, family, or friends to visit your local cannabis dispensary. Also, same-day weed delivery services offer flexibility because you can change the delivery address to a different location with each order.

Same-day delivery services also empower medical marijuana consumers, particularly those with incapacitating health conditions. They no longer have to depend on third parties to fulfill their cannabis prescriptions or languish in pain for days when they forget to refill their prescriptions on time. Regardless of whether you need medical or recreational marijuana, Burnaby’s same-day weed delivery services are the way to go.

2.  Affordability

A sales and revenue report for cannabis products in British Columbia shows the province’s cannabis consumers enjoy the lowest legal weed prices. However, a discerning cannabis shopper never passes the opportunity to lower their budget without compromising on quality.

Same-day weed delivery services afford cannabis consumers saving opportunities, as they have lower prices than brick-and-mortar cannabis stores. Storefronts raise operational costs considerably, forcing physical cannabis dispensary owners to charge higher prices to break even.  In contrast, Same-day weed delivery services have lower operational costs, allowing them to set unbeatable prices.

Besides favorable product prices, Burnaby’s same-day weed delivery services often reward their customers by offering them added value through various money-saving deals. Some fantastic deals you may stumble upon when using same-day weed delivery services include; free delivery, total order value discounts, sales, welcome discounts, coupon codes, and complimentary gifts.

Furthermore, some weed delivery services also run loyalty programs where you can earn redeemable loyalty points. So, consider using same-day weed delivery services for their pocket-friendly prices and overall value.

3.  Discretion

Despite Canada’s progressive cannabis laws, a significant portion of society still considers cannabis consumption harmful. As earlier stated, 66% of Canadians associate cannabis consumption with mental health problems and other negative stereotypes.

As a cannabis newbie, you may not be ready to share your newfound cannabis indulgence or therapy with people within your circles. Thankfully, same-day weed delivery services prioritize consumer privacy.

The delivery services must comply with the Private Information Protection and Electronic Data Act (PIPEDA), enacted to limit the personal data e-commerce platforms can collect. Second, compliance with PIPEDA also entails having robust data protection mechanisms in place, preventing unauthorized access and use of customer data.

Also, cannabis mailing and shipping laws demand the delivery service providers pack orders discreetly during packaging and only leave the order with the primary customer.  You can count on licensed same-day weed delivery services for privacy and discretion.

4.  Product Variety By Delivery

Same-day weed delivery services sell hundreds, maybe thousands of cannabis products, including; potent, flavorful cannabis buds, edibles, vapes, concentrates, CBD,  and magic shrooms. They also stock sought-after Canadian cannabis strains, craft cannabis, and highly-regarded cannabis brands.

Physical cannabis dispensaries lack the shelf space to stock up such an extensive product catalog, hence they prioritize bestsellers, which may not be your favorites. The sheer volume of products same-day weed delivery services offer allows you to experiment with various products until you find what hits your “sweet spot.”

5.  Product Quality For Delivery

Product quality is non-negotiable when seeking same-day weed delivery services. Some cannabis consumers prefer shopping in physical shops because they can employ their senses while evaluating product quality. Understandably, you may have reservations about using same-day weed delivery services as you cannot physically inspect products before purchasing.

However, licensed same-day weed delivery services providers post links to independent lab tests for each batch of products they sell. Cannabis health laws dictate that all cannabis cultivators and processors submit their products to independent labs for third-party lab testing. You can check the reports to establish a cannabis product’s chemotype, ingredients, and chemical toxins analysis, proving the product is safe for consumption.

6.  Consumer Education Are Delivery

Cannabis is a vast subject, proving overwhelming for beginners, so having a navigating strategy helps. Same-day weed delivery services offer helpful cannabis resources like blogs, newsletters, and FAQ segments, helping you identify ideal cannabis products for you.

Alternatively, you can also reach out to their adept customer service teams with all your queries about various cannabis products. You can contact them via phone, text, email, or live chat during their work hours as stipulated by the delivery service’s operational schedule.


Same-day weed delivery services are a welcome industry for new and veteran cannabis consumers in Burnaby. So, if you are yet to try their services, you have six reasons to start.

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