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Neckties Collection: Add these Neckties to make your collections grand and brand

How many neckties collections do you have? How many of them are still useful? If you are planning to make the collections of ties. This article will be the ultimate guide to creating a grand and brand collection of neckties.

Some people create a versatile collection in which they choose numerous ties that are evergreen in nature. it means they can be used on any occasion like a wedding, interview, business, or other parties. But, significant people built their massive collection of different neckties for different ceremonies, events or interviews.

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I have compiled a list of a few neckties that you can add to your necktie collections to make it complete whether you do a job or you are a businessman, or maybe a party freak. In this list, I have not included schools as most schools, or such institutions have their unique sense of using neckties.

I hope you might have understood the primary goal of this article. So if you are buying neckties for yourself or gifting someone, it would help if you chose your collection smartly. You should choose such a tie which you can wear at least 3-4 times a year. Avoid choosing such designs that you will use only once and keep in your wardrobe for many years until the design gets older or the tie becomes out of order. 

Have a look at these necktie collections.

  1. Solid Neckties

The first type tie that you should add to your collection is the solid necktie in which you can choose dark blue, dark greens, or some other rich colours you may add. 

Blue may be the most versatile and safest that you can wear at different ceremonies. 

Also, if you are looking for something like matte and smooth to wear on a big swath in its design at your chest, you may go for a deep blue necktie.

Think twice before buying a plain black necktie to wear if you are not a part of any band party, a waiter in restaurants.

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  1. Paisley Neckties

Paisley necktie is a curved design that originated from the middle east. It is an abstract design with an ornate border which has casual looks. 

Paisley neckties are something that is a significant part of anyone’s wardrobe. It looks catchy when you wear a paisley shirt with such neckties. You can wear it on any light colour shirt to pop out and look like a groovy man.

  1. Sport and Club Neckties

Foulard ties have a silk-like fabric that has the origin of gentlemen’s club. It should be one of the essential neckties of your wardrobe if you regularly visit clubs or similar places. But it is not suitable for business or related events.

It’s quite an exciting and fashionable necktie as it doesn’t conflict with other fashion patterns. It may also be suitable to wear while in a meet or greet situation for some time. So, you can add 2-3 such neckties to your latest tie collections.


Wearing a necktie is always symbolised honour, nobility, and fashionable too. Every necktie recommended in this article has its significance that you can’t ignore. You can check here my recommendations which have been added to my necktie collections.

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