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Moving with a transport company: costs & tips

Moving with professionals saves stress and work: the professional moving helpers can relieve you of the transport, assembly, and dismantling, and other tasks. And should something break, your items are also insured. However, you should look carefully at the costs and compare prices.

What does the move with a transport company cost?

You can leave the move completely in the hands of the professionals, or you can take on some tasks yourself – the prices vary accordingly.

Important factors for the price are, for example:

  • the amount of furniture and boxes to be transported
  • the distance between old and new home
  • everything that makes work easier or more difficult for the helpers: ground floor or 5th floor? Stairs or elevator? Parking in front of the door or further away?

What services do moving companies offer?

Most moving companies have these basic variants on offer:

You pack the boxes, the professionals haul and drive: the moving company takes care of carrying the moving boxes, loading, and unloading, and driving the truck. You pack and unpack the moving boxes yourself and ensure that larger pieces of furniture are dismantled into individual parts ready for transport.

The professionals can also dismantle and reassemble your furniture – it will of course be correspondingly more expensive.

A partial move is often also possible: The moving company then only transports a few bulky or heavy parts, while you take everything else with you and, for example, only rent a small van.

The all-round carefree package: You explain to the moving company what work needs to be done – the professionals take care of the rest. As a rule, the team also includes electricians and plumbers who connect the stove and washing machine to you in your new home and, if necessary, adapt the fitted kitchen to the new circumstances.

How do I find a good and cheap moving company?

Have you decided on a move option? Then it comes to the price comparison. It’s worth it, because the prices often vary by several hundred euros for the same service. Let several moving companies give you a binding cost estimate for your move. Serious providers do this for free.

As is so often the case here, too: the cheapest provider is not necessarily the best. The price-performance ratio has to be right. Above all, the effort has to be assessed realistically.

Moving company or shipping company?

Often the terms are equated, but: Strictly speaking, a forwarding agency is “only” a company that organizes all kinds of transport – in contrast to a specialized moving company. So when searching, make sure that you really get to moving professionals.

Tips for your pre-selection:

  • A serious entrepreneur sends one of his employees over for a cost estimate that is as precise as possible, inspects the removal goods, and makes recommendations as to which work you, and the shipping company will take over. You can make his job easier by making a list of your household items.
  • Get personal recommendations from friends or acquaintances.

It’s even easier with our support: You can find moving companies in your area here – with a free request and without any obligations.

Be careful with cheap package deals!

A package deal from moving companies via the Internet or telephone should be treated with caution. Be especially careful with bait offers. Many dubious companies advertise low hourly or daily flat rates for relocations, but do not specify all cost factors. You pay the bill if you are presented with the invoice for the transport after your move and find more items listed there than you originally assumed.

Who is liable if the moving company causes damage?

Basically, the moving company is liable for any damage that occurs under its responsibility. The freight forwarder is obliged to cover his liability through a reputable insurer.

You should therefore weigh up whether you want to take out additional transport insurance through the moving company. The costs for this are usually comparatively low.

Tip: Insurance at new value (not current value) is particularly useful for high-quality household items, as furniture quickly loses value.

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