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Most Common Workplace Injuries That End Up in a Lawsuit

No matter if you are a business owner or an employee, Most Common Workplace Injuries That End Up in workplace injuries can be very dangerous. If an employee gets injured on your watch, then it may cause your business to be put in a bad light and under the strain of a lawsuit. If you are the one getting injured, it might leave you unable to work, Most Common Workplace Injuries That End Up in causing you to file a lawsuit instead.

Employees must know when to seek worker’s compensation just as employers need to know how to prevent these circumstances in the first place. Here are the most common workplace injuries that can end up in a lawsuit depending on their severity. 

  • Overexertion

Overexertion covers around 22% of workplace injuries, making it a very common cause for a lawsuit. This happens when workers compensation lawyer in Greensburg push themselves too hard physically, leading to inflammation, discomfort, and pain. If it is not addressed, overexertion can lead to overstretched tendons, muscles, and ligaments – something that can require hospitalization and prevent the worker from coming to work. This can allow you to sue and obtain worker’s compensation for your losses. 

  • Falling to Lower Levels

Falling to a lower level is also a very common type of workplace injury. For example, someone may fall from a ladder or a platform, causing them to injure themselves in the process. If the injury was a result of poor caution from the employer (i.e., the safety equipment has not been updated or the ladders and platforms are old and unstable), then this type of workplace injury may end up in a lawsuit. 

  • Being Caught by Equipment

Equipment such as rollers or gears may lead to workplace injuries, as you get caught and compressed in them. The owner of that gear is responsible to ensure all the safety measures, including safety equipment. In Seattle, for instance, every worker must be provided gloves, goggles, and a variety of other safety tools when working with hydraulic hoses, to protect against potential failures.

If the tools have been provided but the worker did not use them, then the employer is not liable. However, if they weren’t provided or they were in very poor condition, the law of Seattle allows you to file a lawsuit within three years of the injury. You just need to get a good Seattle personal injury lawyer that knows exactly how to protect your rights. 

  • Slip & Fall

Slip and fall accidents can lead to lawsuits anywhere if they lead to injury. The victim may be a visitor to the premises or even a worker that was at the wrong moment, at the wrong time. 

For example, the cleaning staff may have cleaned the floors, and forgotten to hang a “wet floor” sign so that people would not walk over that surface. Someone from another department may walk on the floor and slip, injuring themselves in the process. If this caused them physical damage, then they have every right to sue for personal injury. 

  • Exposure to Harmful Substances

Someone working in a hazardous environment can risk injury as chemicals enter their skin, eyes, ears, or respiratory systems. For example, someone working for a cleaning company may experience bleach poisoning, something that can leave lung problems in the long run. 

Also, someone working in a loud environment may experience eardrum damage, which can sometimes cause lifelong deafness. If the worker has not been provided the proper safety gear and such an accident happens, then they will likely sue the company for personal injury. 

  • Violence from People or Animals on the Premises

While we’d like to think that there is no longer such a thing as fighting, it still happens occasionally. Someone may pick a fight with you for no reason, be it a client or a co-worker, causing you to sustain an injury. The aggressed person can file a lawsuit against the aggressor and the company, for failing to ensure proper security. To prevent violence from animals (in companies working with them), proper attire has to be provided. 

  • Fire and Explosions

Fire and explosions, while not very common, can typically lead to severe injuries – which is why they often end in lawsuits. To prevent these incidents from happening, a business owner must provide all the safety equipment and make sure the employees follow the OSHA hazard communication standards.

The Bottom Line By Lawsuit

Workplace injuries can happen at any time, and it’s the employer’s job to minimize the risks. If proper precautions are not taken, these injuries can easily end up in a lawsuit. 

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