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More hotels are using bespoke scents

More hotels are using bespoke scents

Like other businesses, hotels realize that acquiring a new customer is far more difficult compared to getting repeat business from an existing customer. Hence the hotels do everything possible to make the hotel stay memorable for their guests so that they have a positive impression and will book a room in the hotel during their next visit to the area. The hotel is also aware that referrals from happy guests can be a lucrative source of business. So they do everything possible to keep the guests happy, the hotel is well designed, with the latest amenities and clean. To make the stay in the hotel memorable and unique, increasingly luxury and lifestyle hotels worldwide are using bespoke scent for hotels.


While the hotels can keep their premises spotlessly clean, it is far more difficult to control the smell in the hotel. Many of the guests and visitors may be smoking cigars and cigarettes, and the smell spreads quickly over a large area. In other cases, the luggage, clothes and socks of one or more guests may have an unpleasant odor. While a mild smell may be ignored, it will detract from the impression created on the guest. In case of strong smells it is difficult for others to stay in the area, they may feel nauseous, find it difficult to relax or sleep.

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Bespoke scent More hotels are using bespoke scents

One of the most effective methods of ensuring the hotel will always smell pleasant, is by having a bespoke scent for the hotel. Research indicates that 65% of people are likely to remember a distinctive smell after a few months compared to 50% of guests who will remember a visual. So increasing hotels are hiring the services of experts to create a bespoke scent for them. The scent is created after considering the brand image of the hotel as well as the area in which the hotel is located. Most areas are famous for their flowers, fruits or other plants which flourish only in that area. The scent of the hotel is usually created incorporating the distinctive flower or plant smell, so that the guest will associate the hotel with the bespoke scent.


After the bespoke scent is finalized, the hotel will ensure that it is used in all areas. In the hotel lounge, lobby, restaurant, elevator, fitness center, meeting rooms and spa scent diffusers will be used to ensure that these common areas always have a pleasant smell. Alternately based on the size and design of the hotel, the scent diffusers may be connected to the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) system, to automate the process. The hotel rooms may also have air diffusers and room sprays to ensure that each room also has a distinctive fragrance.

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Alternately for branding the bespoke scent can be used in a wide variety of products. Scented soaps and candles are popular and help in reminding the user of the hotel’s unique scent. The stationery, marketing brochures used by the hotel and menu cards also can be infused with the bespoke scent which help in creating a distinctive identity for the hotel.

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