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Mom’s Birthday: How to Plan a Surprise Party for Mom

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Mom’s Birthday: How to Plan a Surprise Party for Mom

The first person on earth to hold us is our mothers. The first person whose smile made us learn to smile, whose words made us learn to speak is none other than one of the greatest creations on Earth, the mothers. Even when we grow old, it is they who are always there in our crest and troughs of our life. She is the compromising and adjusting one. They always deserve all the best things in the world. And the best way to give them happiness is to celebrate their birthday.

1) Select the Perfect Venue for Party

Mothers are always the ones who always wish not to spend anything for them. SO, if you are telling her that you are throwing a party on her birthday, she would insist you not to do that. Hence, the surprise party is the best. For that, choose a special venue. If there is a banquet that is her favorite, can be a perfect venue. Or if she is a nature lover, then a cottage in the forest would be amazing. The front porch or back lawn is perfect for parties in the home, but it is difficult to plan a surprise party there. 

2) Make a Guest list

Mothers are always busy with their household chores. They can rarely make time to meet their beloved ones. Even on parties or occasions, they are busy with the arrangements. Hence, this surprise birthday is her day. Make a list of all her favorite people- from schools, colleges, or even workplace. It will be a little stressful and hard-working, but it is worth planning. And let all them know that the party is a surprise one so that they will be prepared. When she will arrive like a royal queen at her birthday party, this will be how to surprise your mom on her birthday. 

3) Special invitation

The invitation letter for the surprise party has to be an eye-catching one. You can use the most trending ideas of colorful e-invitations. That would be logical and perfect as per the circumstances. But handing a physical invitation letter over a virtual one is always traditional and precious. So, you can do a little R&D with the invitation idea pamphlets on the internet and choose one. If you are planning a theme party, then make sure the invitation card co-ordinates with the theme. Most importantly, the content of the invitation must be short but complete with all the necessary information mentioned. 

4) Order Delicious Cake

A celebration is incomplete without the ecstasy called cake. And when it is a birthday celebration, it is a must. You know the flavor, the brand, and the taste that your mother loves, not like as she likes everything you do/arrange. You can order birthday cake delivery sites to get the best quality cake. The quantity depends on the strength of your invitee list. It is perfect to give all the needs to the online cake delivery sites and let them make the perfect customized cake for your mother.   

5) Perfect Food

There are two things in a party/celebration that makes it cherish-able throughout the lifetime for the people present there. One is pictures, and the other is food. A food platter has to be satisfying for every guest. But as it is your Mother’s Day, her favorites should be on the dinner table. From her favorite snacks to desserts- everything would be of ‘her majesty’s favorites’. If she is a foodie and loves to explore taste, you can choose foods from the cuisine of Italy. They are of different varieties and range in tastes. A perfect food platter is the essence of a good party. 

6) Surprise Gift

Mothers have always been those people on earth, who give surprises to everyone. This time, on her birthday, it is time for the payback. This is the perfect occasion to make her feel how it feels to be surprised. SO, from the very beginning of the day, order several of her favorite gifts from anonymous addresses to make them happy as well as surprised. If you are staying abroad, you can send birthday gifts online as well, from Italy or anywhere you live. This will be one of the best surprises of her life to make her special day more special. 

7) Music and Drinks

 Everyone is a dancer trapped inside them. Birthday is the perfect occasion to bring that self out with favorite music and drinks. Both music and drinks make a deadly combo if gets clicked perfectly. She is fond of drinking as well. On this surprise party, let her put on her dance shoes and dance her heart out. This is an even good surprise birthday idea for mom at home as well. 

Mothers are the superhuman without the capes. They always fight with the whole world to protect us. But we get to show very little what they deserve. Above are the best birthday surprise party ideas to make her feel how special and worthy she is in your life.          

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