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Miro Pricing vs Trello Pricing and Features

Trello software, released in 2011, is a well-known system to create boards and cards for project management. It is a Kanban-style platform that supports a timeline view, Miro Pricing vs Trello workspace view, and several other visual features to support organizational goals. Miro is fitted for teams that need efficient management for their meetings and workshops. It also serves as a dynamic platform to brainstorm creative ideas and formulate them. The following is a comparison of Miro pricing vs Trello pricing with the help of the features they provide. Miro Pricing vs Trello 

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Miro Pricing By Features

The Miro software can make it easier to run and manage meetings and workshops. You can arrange virtual workshops where everyone is engaged as you get to see their ongoing activity, Miro Pricing vs Trello share attachments and even utilize the unlimited canvas.  

There are four Miro pricing plans:

  1. Free

The first plan is able to support up to three editable boards whereas additional boards are limited to view-only access. Users who opt for the free plan can also access the template library that can be used to initiate projects quickly. Moreover, it enables users to access core integrations such as Zoom, Microsoft One Drive, Box, and Sketch, among several others. 

It further equips users with the ability to bring other users to a specific area in the board as well as follow what the members are doing. 

  • Team

The second pricing option costs $8 and has all the features of the free plan too. It possesses the ability to create unlimited editable boards as well. Users can permit unlimited visitors to access public boards. Templates are also customizable to accommodate specific requirements of users belonging to different industries. 

In addition, the Team option can be used to create private boards where the information can be organized before it goes public. 

  • Business

This feature incorporates those of the Team pricing option in addition to its own. Its distinct functions include Miro Smart Diagramming to shape projects through Modeling Notation, Data Flow Diagram, and Business Process. It is also able to integrate cloud service packs such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. 

Miro Smart Meeting function is integrated with a range of tools required to run successful meetings and workshops. You can also choose the information and tools that viewers can access through expert-built templates. 


The enterprise payment plan goes above and beyond to match the requirements of large-scale businesses by establishing additional security and control functions. Moreover, it has added benefits such as SIEM integrations, data governance, and a flexible licensing program. Users can access the 24/7 support system for any issues or help regarding the system too. 

Miro Demo

The website provides a comprehensive list of resourceful blogs that provide videos for each step and serve as Miro demos.

Trello Pricing

Trello improves the way you engage with your tasks through visual tools such as Boards, Timeline, Calendar, Dashboard, and Map. Trello can be used to visualize a plan and break down the assignment into manageable tasks. Furthermore, you can stay ahead of the sprints and identify any possible issues that could pose as an issue. Trello has no-code automation with the Butler integration that can be used to reduce manual tasks. Custom card and board buttons are capable of performing numerous tasks in one go. Butler is also able to track repetitive tasks so that you do not have to organize them manually. Trello can even be used to inculcate integrations such as Slack and Jira. Moreover, Trello can send emails while you’re busy taking care of other tasks. 

Four different plans constitute Trello pricing options: For Features

  • Free

First of all, this option can be used to make unlimited Trello cards and create up to 10 boards per workspace. In fact, users can also integrate power-ups and take their management process to the next level. The Trello free plan is able to facilitate unlimited storage space as well. Moreover, 250 workspace commands can be run per month. 

Custom backgrounds and stickers can be used to increase visual organization. With a few simple steps, it is easy to assign tasks to specific members as well as set up due dates based on project deadlines. 

  • Standard

The standard trello pricing plan is billed for about $5 and it can be utilized to make unlimited boards and even advanced checklists. Furthermore, it supports file sizes of up to 250MB and has unlimited data storage space. Saved searches make it easier to look for specific information when you are in a hurry. 

  • Premium 

The premium plan incorporates all the features of the standard whereas it also provides a dashboard view, timeline view, workspace table view, and calendar view as well. Moreover, users can run unlimited workspace commands too. 

The premium plan also establishes a range of admin control features as well as security features. The workspace level templates facilitate the ever-moving work environment. Users can even provide access to observers. The cost of the premium set of features is $10.

  • Enterprise

Naturally, the enterprise plan maintains a novel set of functions such as organization-wide permissions and unlimited workspaces. Moreover, managers can control attachment permissions and ensure that only the relevant people can view specific content. In fact, further control of the process can be established through power-up administration so that all the best tools can be used to implement important functions. 

Miro software is used by thousands of teams every day to brainstorm, plan, and iterate their plans. It sustains teams of different sizes as well, thus making it a suitable choice for many businesses. On the other hand, Trello integrates a robust range of functions required to regulate information and communication. Based on their distinct features, Miro pricing and Trello pricing provide payment options so that everyone can reap the benefits by subscribing to the best-suited plan.

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