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Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age, UAE banned these games

Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age, UAE banned these games: Yes, it is true, as per the latest news Government of UAE has denied both of these games in all states of UAE. It is surprising news for everyone because the gamers are waiting for the fun and games have been put in store for a while now.

Why has the UAE Government banned these games?

The prime reason behind this ban of these two games is the raunchy scenes in the game. These sensual scenes are harmful to the children minds, and it is going to promote nudity and thrill in children. It can be harmful to society, as well.

There are several websites of PC gamers that offer an entire category of sexual and nudity content video games. These types of games include over 780 games with explicit content boasting only mind warnings that such content is not suitable for all ages and work.

These games, for instance, Dragon age, promotes the dangerous misconceptions that sexually exploit the kids, and it is harmful. As per the UAE law, it is considered direct violence. So, the government ban all these types of games for the children.

Who does not know about the use of these games these days? Especially, all teens love using it. This is one of the most famous games that allows its users to enjoy the adventure with their peers in the presence of sensual scenes.

Most of the users use teens play this game for enjoying a lot of features like playing video games and photos with friends. Almost 70% of users are teenagers. Videos and photos, they store on their mobile gadgets can be uploaded by using the Memories option. This feature makes it super feasible to share videos and photos after the moment has long passed. For the majority of the people, it is a fun-loving activity. So, if you are a new user, then you will enjoy this activity. These things are harmful to their creative and growing minds. There are some other reasons due to which the government pay attention to this ban.

Finishes relationship with parents

A parent’s play, voice and touch enable a child to build an emotional bonding. If children are busy spending time on the screen, then it will affect self-esteem, emotional attachment and concentration. Learn more about the games in details.

About Mass Effect 2

The adventure game is great fun, and this the reason, it grabs the attention of the player. But while the gameplay is strong to stand on its own, the game is highly wonderful to catch your attention on shooting. All its sound quality and graphics are wonderful.

Surprise your family and friends by targeting your enemy by using the weapons on the screen successfullyUsers know it is a wonderful game, but their family and friends do not know. They can surprise their family and friends by showing them their shooting skills on their screen. Have fun with this video game. This is a favorite multiplayer game series of the majority of the people because they will enjoy shooting on the screen. It is the real source to bring a smile to the face of the children or the players with quirky and interesting gaming. The majority of the people love using this app due to the easy to use interface.

You will enjoy playing this game because it will engage you with its massive and interesting content. On all the planets, there are adventures and side journeys. If it is done once, at that point, it offers extraordinary prizes, legend, more story, and others. In this way, it will take many hours to complete it.

The game is stunning for delivering appealing audio cues. Understanding this game is exceptionally simple for the players. They have just five different ways to battle through in the event that they are playing PS4.

In the event that you need to be a force chief, at that point, this of these small attacks. It brings two different players into as you have looked. It will require some investment to plan for the test set to uncover one week from now. Almost certainly, it is an end game action produced for the superb watchman out there.

Dragon Age

Among the children, Dragon age is highly famous. It a fantasy role-playing video game series. A Canadian developer has developed the game, and it is compatible with OS X, Microsoft Windows, Play station 3, Xbox 360 and others.

The main feature of the game that makes it highly interesting for the players in the attractive graphics of the game. It gives the image of attraction and creates the charm in the mind of the users for the game. It is obvious through gaming reviews that it contains charming graphics.

It is one of the most well-known exciting games that are shaped for iOS and Android gadgets. It was dispatched to add more fun and rush to your gaming style. More than a large number of individuals use to download this game on their gadgets. For thrill darlings, it is an awesome shooter game. New players need to think about this game, including its boats, sparrows, weapons, act out, outlandish mirrors and others. It is extremely easy to play and appreciate for quite a long time.

This is a multiplayer online activity shooter game. A player plays a gatekeeper who is has a few superpowers. In this game, the player plays various exercises to overhaul or level up his equipment.

Dragon Age features

The game that is available on the mobile phone is of great quality in terms of quality, music, graphics and many more. It is a fact of today that these games are sure in providing the wonderful company with the users at their own pace. The interesting games are unique in rendering the best results in an amazing way. It is one of the games that are incredible in giving the best entertainment.

The main feature of the game that makes it highly interesting for the players in the attractive graphics of the game. It gives the image of attraction and creates the charm in the mind of the users for the game. It is obvious through gaming reviews that it contains charming graphics.

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