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Make Your Blog Name a Brand

A name can be so powerful! It’s the first thing we see and the last thing we think about when we sign off. It’s what our friends associate us with and it’s what strangers read before they decide to visit or not. Choosing your blog name is an important decision that can affect how successful your website will be in the future. Check out these tips for choosing a name that will help you build an unforgettable brand.

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What Makes a Great Blog ? 

The blog name you choose is very important. It becomes your brand and identifies you to your readers and followers. You want to make sure your website address is something easy to remember, but not too long. This will help people find you more easily on Google or other search engines. While keywords in your web address are not really important anymore, relating your website title to your niche can help readers remember you more easily. Whether you come up with your title or use a blog name generator such as Namify, think about what might work if you are creating a full brand. 

How Do You Pick a Blog Name that Sounds Like a Brand?

When you think about starting a blog, the first thing that probably comes to mind is selecting a name. This can be a daunting task, but one of the most important parts of your website.

  • Be memorable: You want your website address to stick with your readers. You don’t want it to be forgettable or confusing. When you have a great blog name, people will remember your blog and come back for more.
  • Be original: If there are a lot of blogs on a topic, you want to make sure yours stands out. Include an element in the website title that makes it different from others so readers can find you right away when they know what they’re looking for. This might seem difficult because so many domains are already registered, but using Namify can help you create a brand that is uniquely yours. 
  • Make it simple: It should be easy enough that people remember what it is when they see it again later on in their feed when scrolling through social media feeds or when someone tells them about it. So make sure there are no hard-to-pronounce words. 
  • Create a brand: You may not want to do this for every single one of your blogs if it’s something totally different like fashion versus cooking, but if you’re writing about something specific, try to connect it back to what you’re doing in another way. This is one step toward creating an influential brand that readers can trust. This is where Namify’s brand name tools can help you make a list of names that might sound like a brand.

Choosing a blog name can be challenging. It requires creativity, time, and some trial and error. A lot of bloggers spend hours coming up with the perfect name. The title of your website plays an important role in getting your message across to your readers. The title of your blog should draw readers’ attention and entice them to learn more about the content. 

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