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Main Features of Hiring Elixir Developers for Web Applications

All businesses planning new software creation are on the lookout for functional and robust programming tools. There are numerous programming approaches to choose from, Main Features of Hiring Elixir Developers but each comes with a unique set of bottlenecks and weaknesses. Thus, the strategic choice of programming language should take place with a proper understanding of each language’s pros, cons, Main Features of Hiring Elixir Developers and implications for your project outcomes.


Elixir is a relatively new offer in the market of programming services. Still, Main Features of Hiring Elixir Developers it has already won a solid reputation as a functional and performant language enabling smaller, clearly targeted functions. Changes are implemented faster on Elixir, and the code’s testability is higher than that of existing alternatives. So, Elixir is a viable option to consider for your next project, and here we examine where and how you can find Elixir coders hassle-free.

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History of Elixir

The new programming language, Elixir, emerged in 2011 as José Valim’s brainchild in response to the slow performance of Ruby under high load. Valim specialized in Ruby programming and identified this far-reaching imperfection hindering the coding performance. So, he enhanced the basic Ruby functionality with:

  • Borrowing the programming language and library features of Erlang
  • Using the fault-tolerant and distributed system of the BEAM virtual machine
  • Adding concurrence to the programming process.

Elixir is only in the germinal stage of spread and use among programmers. However, its robust features and comparative benefits give it a promising start in the global tech industry. So, if you’re attracted to the scalability and concurrence ensured with Elixir, you need to get a professional Elixir programmer to your team.

Where Can You Use Elixir?

Generally, Elixir is universal in application in web development. You can use it to build cloud apps or messaging systems. Back-end programming also gets easier with Elixir. You can use it for any distributed, fault-tolerant app creation, receiving a high degree of product scalability and reliability.

However, you need to remember that Elixir is not suitable for CPU-intensive programming tasks, such as advanced math computations. The language is also a wrong choice for fundamentally sequential use cases, which won’t benefit from Elixir’s features. Elixir can do you a good service in all other cases, including back-end programming, web server setup, APIs, and online app creation.

Skills of Elixir Candidates

You need to check their tech stack first when you start interviewing candidates for the Elixir coding project. Mastery of Elixir coding and expertise in this programming language is typically exemplified by knowing:

  • Wombat (a comprehensive instrument for code monitoring in Erlang and Elixir projects).
  • HEX (a package manager fitting Elixir and Erland codes).
  • Postman (a specific service used for Elixir-powered JSON API testing).
  • HoneyBadger (a tool for error detection and troubleshooting).

Awareness of OTP tools in Elixir and mastery of the Phoenix framework is a must for the effective completion of coding tasks. The skilled Elixir developer should also understand the syntax and recursion of this programming language.


Where to Look for Elixir Pros?

Hiring Elixir specialists may turn into a real challenge if you don’t know where to look. The simplest way to go is a freelance platform like Upwork or Freelancer, offering a global talent pool with any tech stack. However, this option is not suitable for companies wishing to engage people full-time and unready to collaborate through a third-party platform, paying a commission for every project.

If you need a full-time Elixir coder for the in-house or remote team, start your headhunting journey this way.

1. Networking

As a recruiter or business owner dealing with digital products, you might be amazed to discover how much unused networking potential there is around you. By contacting your partners, staff members, colleagues, and acquaintances, you can quickly find the needed expertise in the immediate surroundings. Another way to tell the world what you need is to post a vacancy on your social media, asking your friends and contacts to share that news and attract relevant professionals to your post.

2. Referrals

If you have somebody who hired an Elixir programmer before and remained satisfied with the quality of received service, you can ask those acquaintances for referrals. Working with a professional with a proven track record and a case of effective project completion is much more beneficial than searching among thousands of resumes online.

3. Themed Events

Programmers often meet to discuss and share their professional experiences. So, you can also attend themes events like conferences, forums, or hackathons to recruit the needed Elixir workforce in person. Monitor any Elixir-related events and book a seat there to get into the community of programmers and close the vacancy.

Elixir Has Much Potential

As you can see, Elixir is a rapidly evolving and expanding programming language with distinct benefits for coders and project owners. It has become an instrumental component of the Erlang VM ecosystem within only a decade. Elixir users’ gains include rewarding concurrency, reliability, and scalability without performance compromises.

With Elixir, you can guarantee the top-notch performance of your web resource for millions of users coming to it simultaneously. Its built-in safety procedures make Elixir fault-tolerant and secure, thus giving you a perfect quality formula for robust, sustainable web projects of the future.

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