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Learn About the Number of Boxes You Need to Pack A 4 Bedroom House

In Australia, moving from one place to another is quite cumbersome work. Where the moving of the households is quite hectic due to which most of the people prefer moving companies. However, Learn About the Number of Boxes You Need to Pack here we are going to discuss certain things that will help you with your packing of households.

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Important of moving boxes

  • Moving boxes are great for packing fragile and expensive things, especially glass items, ceramic items, and crockery. As they will safely keep those things and you don’t have to worry about it getting any damages.
  • Also, these are of great help during the packing and moving of electronic appliances.
  • Also, it will keep things separate and organized, making it easier for you as well as the movers to recognize the things during unpacking.
  • By labeling the boxes you can save time consumption and it will help you to reduce the moving cost.
  • Also, these are easily available, you can get them from the local Australian market as well as from online stores.

Packing of 4-bedroom house

For packing the households of a 4-bedroom house you may need approximately 75-100 boxes. Other things that you may need:

  • Bubble wrap and packing shits
  • Foam corner and packing peanuts
  • Packing tapes
  • Labels

You can resemble the furniture like a table, bed, sofa, and all and cover the corners with the foam wrappers. Keep all the electric appliances and kitchen appliances separately. Wrap the electric appliances with bubble wrap. Keep the mirrors double wrapped with the bubble wrap. Keep items like microwaves and mixers in medium boxes.

Keep the small and fragile items like glasses, crockery, and ceramics in small and medium boxes and fill the boxes with paper and peanuts so that they don’t move more.

While packing books, pack them in small and medium boxes and make sure that they stay away from water and moisture to minimize the chances of damage.

Things to keep in mind while buying boxes

  • List the moving things and estimate a rough number of boxes you may need. So that you don’t have to run short of boxes while packing.
  • Consider the sizes of the boxes as you’ll find every size of boxes starting from big boxes to small and medium ones.
  • Check the quality of the box. Whether they are suitable for the households or not. Also, check if they are damaged.
  • Go for ample cushioning material so you can divide the space of the boxes in necessary cases.


Carefully pack the things and make sure to keep the things in their right boxes so that you can avoid the damage.

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