Thursday, December 9, 2021

Klopp complains about the amount of penalties got by Manchester United

Currently, there is probably no more historic match in the Premier League than Manchester United against Liverpool. To make an online betting website is always a good prospect when these two sides face each other. Recently,Klopp complains about the amount Liverpool’s coach Jurgen Klopp complained about the number of penalties that United is awarded each season.

There might be some merit behind what Klopp says. Statistics show that United has got many penalties during recent years. In any case, both Manchester United and Liverpool are capable of delivering legendary matches whenever they face each other. Klopp complains about the amount The 1xBet online betting website is the best place to put wagers on this incredible match that always surprises matches from all over the world.

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Medvedev backs Djokovic COVID-19 vaccine stance 

The warning given by the Australian government to all players wanting to participate in the upcoming Australian Open has left nobody indifferent. This tournament will offer spectacular wagering opportunities at It should be noted that Novak Djokovic has refused to confirm or deny that he obtained a COVID-19 vaccine. This might leave him out of the Australian Open due to the new regulations put in place by the country.

Most tennis players have welcomed the idea of the country requiring a double dose of the vaccine prior to entering the country. However, Djokovic has been a vocal opponent of such a measure. He has found support in Russian player Daniil Medvedev. He claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine is something “personal”. 1xBet is a great place to bet on matches where these two players participate.

Remembering Kevin Kuranyi’s snub for the German National team 

The German National football team is one of the best national sides in the world. It offers great chances to make online betting football – 1xBet. However, sometimes a few freaky things can happen even in those powerful squads. Many years ago, then coach Joachim Löw had many attacking options, such as:

  • Miroslav Klose;
  • Lukas Podolski;
  • and Kevin Kuranyi.

The latter was normally a backup for the two others. However, he never liked that situation. During a qualifier for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, he was left out of the starting squad and the substitute bench. Kuranyi had none of it. He left the stadium in the middle of the match. Low didn’t like his attitude, and publicly announced that the striker would never be selected again by him. It seems that Germany didn’t miss him too much, as Klose went on to become the player with the most goals scored for the squad. Now 1xBet – online betting football platform is the best place to wager on the German side.

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