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Jeria-mix, the innovative cocktail bar that drives Israel crazy

In recent weeks, the editor of “The Chosen” editorial board has received quite a few recommendations from readers, about a new brand that we should find out about, a particularly exciting cocktail bar called – Jeria-mix

One of the members of the system took on the task of checking what it was all about,Jeria mix the innovative cocktail he talked to customers and the owner of the bar. All the conclusions about the new hit of parties and nightlife in Israel in the next article.

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If the name “Jeria-Mix” sounds familiar to you but you are not sure where it comes from,Jeria mix the innovative cocktail it is a contemporary hit that has firmly grasped the field of events and entertainment in Israel. This is a cocktail bar that is amazing in its beauty that makes every event special. Thanks to a unique concept in which prints can be made on top of any cocktail, so it is a kind of one big Hollywood show.

The person behind the great idea is Naor Zana, 22, from Netanya. Naor has been living and breathing the entertainment world for 5 years, among other things he worked as a bartender and managed a number of places of entertainment of the turbulent nightlife during his military service. Jeria mix the innovative cocktail

After the outbreak of the corona crisis that almost completely disrupted nightlife, Naor did some thinking with himself and came up with an idea of ​​how to make the various drinks accessible, for parties and events of both small and large sizes. “I came up with all sorts of ideas and one of them was to open a cocktail bar that had never been seen before in the country. When I formulated the idea of ​​’Jerry-Mix’ I knew I had found a concept that would drive everyone crazy.

Soon I built a work plan and set off, “he told me enlightened. Nearly three months after” “Jeria-mix out into the world, cocktail bar unique’ve served thousands of people in dozens of events.

I have learned that every cocktail in question was created exclusively enlightened, In different colors and flavors. Although the concept is mainly for these cocktails, Naor adapts itself to any request so that he can set up special stands for a bar of fine whiskey, fine wines, various champagnes, and more.

I asked Naor about printing, something I had not seen before at any other event I had been to, he smiled proudly and said: “There are quite a few mobile bar services in the country, so I knew that in order to attract a large market segment, I had to come up with something not See earlier in our districts. The beauty is that on each cocktail you can print everything you want and related to the event, illustrations of the celebrants, groom, Save The Date, and any idea that comes to mind. The

The effect it gives is tremendous, not only enjoy a delicious drink but create a connection that brings a smile on The face, a show from another world.

What about the rest of the way? By Cocktail

“Expand and develop the name” Jerry-Mix “, reach all types of audiences and open more bars. I love this field and I have gained extensive professional knowledge when it comes to drinking, atmosphere, and everything around, so for me, the sky is the limit. “

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