Jake Geruson – A social media influencer who is just 15 years old


Jake Geruson is 15 years old boy with big dreams. Besides his talent in multiple sports, he has massive followers on Instagram. He always believed that social media platforms can always help make a man successful in his life. So, he took advantage of his free time when he was studying in school and started to work as an influencer on Instagram. A 15 years old boy loves to share his experience and love for sports like basketball, his experience of life, life lessons, and facing his mental challenges.  

With more than 30,000 followers on his Instagram account, Jake Geruson tells us the stories of his hard work, commitment, and determination. He shared his thoughts about all the factors that will always pay you off. From the start of his teenage, he loved basketball. He loved to play other sports as well. Along with his coach who has been a constant source of every kind of help, motivation, the confidence he always needed while growing up. He has played in the National Basketball league for juniors. Moreover, he was part of competitive teams till the 7th grade.

Games like basketball and other sports defined him and shaped his entire personality. Sports helped him in achieving everything he always wanted in his life. Like every boy who is studying in 8th grade, he wanted to be ready to face all the difficulties that can get him to high school level tryouts. 

Major struggles:

Success without struggle is never possible. If you are always looking for shortcuts that can lead you to success, you are not getting the point. People think that being successful is a piece of cake, but it is not. Every man or woman who is successful had to face so many difficulties, sacrifices to achieve what they have now. Determination is what guarantees success and achievements. Without doing hard work, without making sacrifices, without heartbreak, one cannot learn the basic lessons of life. Like someone has said, “Empty stomach is the best teacher”. Even those, who have failed at their initial stage ended up being successful, or just a typical person. If you want to be successful, then you have to struggle.

Just like every successful person, Jake had to face several struggles while working on his career. Life presented its unfortunate conditions to Jake when his knees started to give up and he had to face several worse conditions regarding his physical health. He was deeply concerned about his degenerating performance as a good athlete when he was playing basketball in school. For someone like Jake, it is hard to understand why he cannot practice or even play like he used to. As an avid basketball player, all of these factors started to haunt him during his sleep, his game, and during his practice sessions.

Someone suggested he visit a doctor which he did. The doctors told him to quit his basketball career and try something that included less physical hard work. This is not about the doctor who just told him that his basketball career has just come to an end. Instead, all of this physical pain told him a lesson to never give up on something you love. All the extreme physical pain in his knees made him stronger. It was his resilience, determination, and inner drive to be productive, successful and to achieve something he always wanted, led him to overcome all of his physical problems.

Facing all of his physical problems helped him in recognizing his true potential. The significant change that Jake went through was not merely to stop playing basketball but of an entire personality shift, making him realize his full potential.

The good thing about facing your problems is that one can find his true potential just like Jake did by facing extreme physical pain. Another good thing about finding your true potential is that you may find out what are other things you are good at. Struggles can open several different doors for you while other doors are closed. There are always chances that two or more doors of opportunities can open up. While he was away from his basketball career, he started to give his time, energy and potential to something else. He did not let himself waste away just because of his physical conditions. He did not let his physical barriers decrease his productivity, motivation, and energy. Instead of all these lazy things, he started to look for something else that he can work on. He started to look for new sources through which he could challenge his inner determination.

Life Goals:

Jake was always determined about his life goals when he was at his early stage of life. He always knew what he wanted to do with his life. He never wanted to quit, and never wanted his pain to take over his life. By trying out for the student council and robotic session for his physical health, he used his free time in exploring other things that can help him in staying away from basketball. All of these efforts proved to be fruitful and he realized his leadership skills other than basketball talent. Jake Geruson

Through this, he realized that he can be successful in other playing fields, rather than just being successful on the basketball court. For instance, he pursued robotics and learned how intelligent students were different from his basketball team members, and how they each have a different set of motivating factors. Not only did he have experience in leading a team of athletes, but now he has successfully been part of a more diverse and intellectually capable set of individuals. Jake Geruson

Jake’s growing pains led him to work harder, and diversify his range of skills. His ability to overcome his physical pain and rise above it emotionally as well as mentally gave him the happy ending he deserved. As the months went on, his knee pain started to get better, and soon disappeared.

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