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Is your sharp eye pain a chronic disease? – Know the reality

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Is your sharp eye pain a chronic disease? Learn everything here. A human being is created in such a way that every part and organ of the body is unique and useful. All parts of the bodywork in a very amazing way. No part is irreplaceable.

Few organs can be transplanted but it’s an expensive option. Among all body parts Eye is an important part of our body. It is vital and helps us in seeing. There are multiple diseases in which a person can face sharp eye pain. It ranges from mild to serious pain. In a few conditions, even a person loses his eye.

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Conditions ( Eye pain chronic disease)

Few common conditions and diseases we will discuss today with their symptoms, treatment and prevention.

  • Burning eye

You get this stabbing and itchy feeling in your eye when you have Debris. A foreign particle can also give you the same kind of burning and itchy sensation. The best way is to immediately fill your eyes with water. Do not rub it and consult the physician if it lasts longer than a half-hour.

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  • Uveitis

Another common condition is UVEITIS which is an inflammatory disease that inflames the part of the eye called the uvea.

Ophthalmologists usually give anti-inflammatory eye drops to treat it. Injection and antibiotics are also given in severe conditions.

  • Glaucoma

A condition called glaucoma is a disease in which the optic nerve of the eye is damaged. This is a serious disease and should not be mistaken for something else.

Globally About sixty and a half million people are estimated to be affected by glaucoma.

A more severe form is acute-angle glaucoma which leads to blindness in a few days and it’s a medical emergency.

  • Conjunctivitis

Inflamed conjunctiva is called conjunctivitis often referred to as pink eye. Allergies or viral or bacterial infections can be the cause. It is treatable. Not a painful condition.

  • Corneal scratch

It’s a very painful condition when you accidentally scratch your cornea. You can get it due to multiple reasons such as rubbing your eye.

  • Sinusitis

It is an infection of the sinus which builds pressure behind the eyes. It can cause pain in either one or both eyes.

Contact Lens-Related Eye Infections - American Academy of Ophthalmology

Contact lens ( Saves you from eye pain )

If the lens is worn for a long time like 24 hours or more. It can irritate the eye. Also care need to be taken in disinfecting lenses. Improper disinfection or lens wash may result in inflammation or infection.

Precaution and care

The main precaution one can take before consulting a doctor is,

Do not rub eyes as it may increase the itching. Also if there is a foreign particle it may cause scratch and abrasion in the eyes.

Many infections and inflammation get worse with rubbing.

Treatment– It includes the following

Washing eyes with water.

Do compression either cold or warm.

Eye drops also help reduce redness and itching.


The eye is one of the important and vital organs and Eyesight is one of the 5 senses. All precautions and care should be taken to protect eyes against infection and bacteria. If you ever encounter any redness, itching or swelling go to your ophthalmologist immediately.

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