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Is the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Really Worth it?

Technology and businesses have witnessed a transition that has led organizations to hire certified project managers. Almost all organizations are of the opinion that operational progress requires a sound knowledge of project management. Professionals skilled in this field are capable of working with project specifications whether they relate to system constraints or software development. Without efficient project management, organizations are likely to face consequences like low-quality results, high costs,Is the Project Management Professional inability to achieve the desired outcomes on the deadlines, failure of a team to align with the business goals and objectives, among others. 

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A skilled project manager keeps the team working and productive by managing all the aspects of a project like the development of the application,Is the Project Management Professional hardware and software customization, continuing security patches, to the rollout of the software. They ensure that the team follows a definite plan and schedule accordingly along with avoiding chaos. Carrying out the five phases of the project, i.e.,Is the Project Management Professional initiation, planning, executing, control, and closing is their primary responsibility. The knowledge areas that a project manager should be familiar with are scope, quality, time, integration, cost, risk procurement, human resources, stakeholder management, and communication. 

If you want to start a career in this field, then taking formal project management training is important. Such training programs not only help you gain an in-depth understanding of project management but also prepare you for industry-recognized certifications like the Project Management Professional or PMP certification. You may initially think whether it is necessary to dedicate your efforts to a certification program and if the PMP certification is really worth it. However, there are many career benefits associated with getting PMP certified that you can’t ignore. 

So, let us discuss why PMP certification is worth your time and effort and how it takes your career to new heights.

Why Get PMP Certified?By Certification

The PMP certification is offered by the internationally renowned Project Management Institute or PMI. Being a leading authority on project management, PMI enables organizations and people to work smarter in an ever-changing and dynamic world. The PMP certification is designed for professionals who want to become capable of working in virtually any industry and bringing projects to successful completion. Over 1,000,000 professionals from across 200 countries have achieved this designation and proved that they have the skills to drive business results. 

Here are some of the top reasons why PMP certification is really worth your effort.

Globally recognized credential

Companies across the world rely on PMP certification to hire candidates for their project management positions. This is because PMP certification holders have gone through a rigorous application process and validated their knowledge through a difficult exam. Evidently, companies prefer to hire them than their non-certified peers. 

Higher earning potential 

PMI, in one of its project management salary surveys, found that the median salary of PMP certification holders is 25% higher than non-certified project managers. Entry-level project managers holding a PMP certification earn around USD 115,000, quite higher than the project managers who do not have this credential in their portfolio. 

Better career prospects

A PMP certification shows your seriousness towards the field and your capability to handle any kind of complex project. As such, your opinion will weigh more in an organization related to any problem or bottleneck in a project. This would also improve your chances of promotion and target more ambitious positions. 

An in-demand career

According to PMI research, employers will need to fill around 2.2 million new project-related job roles every year through 2027. This shows how much in demand is the designation of project manager. With the growing adoption of digital transformation, the need for skilled project managers is expected to increase further. Companies would require skilled professionals who can help their business stay afloat and have a competitive edge over others. A PMP certification would pave your way towards a successful project management career. 

Get credit for your skills

You may already be efficient in project management. However, the organization may fail to acknowledge your skills and you may not get enough appreciation for what skills you possess. A PMP certification is, thus, about getting credit for what you are already good at and polishing your skills. It pushes you towards excellence and get recognition for it in the organization. 

Are you Ready to Get Certified?

When there are such benefits associated with a certification, it is definitely worth pursuing. As the application process is rigorous and the exam is difficult, we would suggest you take proper project management training. Taking training is, as such, mandatory for those applying for the PMP certification. The eligibility criteria to appear for the PMP exam includes 35 hours of project management training. You can fulfill this requirement by enrolling in a PMP course offered by a PMI Authorized Training Provider like Simplilearn. 

To sum up, you should seriously consider achieving PMP certification if you want to take a step forward and open up wonderful job opportunities by updating your knowledge base and skills in project management.

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