Is SEO Changing In 2022: Here Are 5 Things You Should Watch Out For


Every time Google announces a new core update, SEOs and digital marketing agencies the world over go into a huddle. They start discussing what went wrong after analyzing a drop in their Domain Authority, Is SEO Changing In 2022: Domain Rating, and other SEO metrics. 

They did everything that was required of them- 

  • Building links Is SEO Changing In 2022:
  • Profile linking
  • Social Media SEO
  • Guest Posting
  • Blogging
  • Keyword Density
  • LSI 

Yes, the rankings, metrics,  Is SEO Changing In 2022: and traffic figures have dropped! While this was something that many of us faced in the last couple of years, 2020 is going to ensure that this happens more frequently than ever. 

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SEO strategies and best practices are not static. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning being the core of what Google’s algorithms are all about, the quest to learn new things every single day is on the rise. 

Rather than figuring out what is going wrong with their strategies and execution, SEOs need to first understand how Google’s algorithms are working. You can learn more about this topic by visiting

SEO Changes in 2022: What is Google Planning?

Search and User Intent!

If there is one thing (or rather two) that you need to understand about the major SEO changes in 2022, you need to know about this. 

For Google and its ever-evolving algorithms, it has become very easy to differentiate between content that is ‘thin’ and content that is ‘comprehensive and informative’. 

One of the key ways Google is trying to do this is by leveraging what is known as search intent and user intent. In other words, the algorithms have become so advanced that they can identify the most relevant and reliable content to the users. 

Is your content helpful for the readers who are accessing it?

This is the question that is going to become the hallmark of Google’s SEO algorithms in 2022. Unnecessary links, too much keyword density, using related terms, and linking authority will matter. 

The aim of Google is to align the searching history of its user and present them with the next set of related content. You can think of this as how YouTube catches your attention and shows you similar content types with which you are more likely to engage. 

5 Important Things SEOs should watch out for in 2022

  1. Local SEO- 
    This is going to be bigger and better than it ever was. This is Google’s business page and it is pulling all stops to ensure businesses get maximum traction by maintaining a strong GMB presence. Make sure that you have an updated GMB page that this active and contains all your relevant information. This is one part of the SEO ecosystem you cannot afford to ignore. 
  2. Voice Search- 
    SEO is all about optimizing presence on the different Google ecosystems. Just like Local SEO, voice search is a definite way to boost your performance. With home assistants and connected car technologies registering unbelievable growth, no SEO or digital agency can afford to not pay attention to Voice Search in 2022. More than clicks, it is all about exposure and presence. 
  3. Snippet and Quick Searching- 
    Google understands that people do not have time. This is why it is paying close attention to content pieces that are easy to digest and provide wholesome information in the form of easily digestible bullet points. Your content needs to have featured snippets to help it rank on top of searches. Do not show misleading information on snippets as this can penalize you. 
  4. Images and Videos will rule- 
    Behavioral studies on how human beings consume content point to the priority that images and videos have. This is why search engines like Google will start ranking sites higher that are able to offer explanatory content by adding videos and images within the article. If your images start ranking on search, this can help in driving traffic to your website, so pay attention to this. 
  5. Keyword Research will change- 
    If you have been using the same keywords for your guest posting and link building, think again. This is not going to deliver the expected results as it did some years back. Avoid tricking the algorithms by using synonyms as well. Natural content flows that are informational and educative on a specific topic will start ranking, even when they are not stuffed with keywords. 

The Final Word By Seo

You cannot mislead or fool Google’s algorithms, no matter how big of an agency or SEO you are. It will catch up sooner rather than later. By paying attention to what has been mentioned in the article, you can optimize your SEO strategies to deliver maximum results. If you have any questions or would like us to suggest an SEO agency that can help you in 2022, please let us know in the comments below. 

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