Thursday, December 8, 2022

Is RAIN Mountain Spring Water Pure and Fresh Water

Rain mountain spring water is one of the purest and freshest waters that money can buy to drink; this is not an understatement when you compare what the rest are offering you; this mountain spring water company has two missions to achieve, one is to regulate aluminum canned and bottled water into the general water purchase market, other than that they wish to eliminate the desire of single-use of plastic bottled water that for long has been a daemon to our environment as a whole and keeps coming back to bite us.

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Plastic, as we know, is what currently is the standard packaging containing drinking water in various sizes for the consumer wherever we g; it is light, portable, but most importantly cheap, the critical word cheap, yes sir, this is the sole reason it is yet to be replaced after nearly more than half a century, providing never-ending deep money margins for greedy giants that just don’t want to forget about it or open their eyes of its consequences on planet earth.

Every year tonnes of plastic are gone into our atmosphere that either is burned into carbon or disposed of in landfills and the ocean; this affects the wildlife, in particular marine life, killing many animals in the process but also at the same time accounting for greenhouse gases which is why we see regular heatwaves now and then. 

Not only this, but plastic bottled water causes illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and other sorts of issues since the tiny plastic particles get mixed with your drinking water, making it not nearly as safe as drinking from your tap.

Whereas in rain mountain spring water as is an entirely natural water bottle, providing you spring water mountain, directly from the source, which is the clouds, pouring through the environment which cleanses it through the fresh air, oxygen, then goes through the rocky formation which adds electrolytes, minerals into it making the pure mountain spring water gets collected into aquafer, gets collected with the water’s pressure into our aluminum containers.

In terms of preservation, a comparison could dictate what’s best; for instance, that plastic bottled water can only preserve your drinking water for up to a mere 2 years, compared with aluminum bottled water or canned water, which can sustain your fresh mountain spring water for nearly 30 years plus.

That water is fully sealed, free from any kind of contamination whatsoever, but altering the taste of your water, like plastic bottled water, would also put your health at stake.

Temperature-wise, your aluminum canned bottled water would only take 20 minutes to cool down when refrigerated, but plastic bottled water would take 2 hours.

Whereas the aspect of recyclability, aluminum can take a few weeks to get into further use, easily recycled, which can continue till infinity, plastic bottled water, on the other hand, is primarily ineligible for recycling. Yet, some recycled have limited scale as the degrading life cycle is relatively minute.

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