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Is proposing on Valentine day a good idea?- Learn pros and cons

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Valentine ‘s day is celebrated globally on 14th February. It is the day to express your love for your dear ones. It all started in the memory and remembrance of saint valentine. It is the day for showing and expressing affection, care, and love. It is also known as a lover’s day, as a couple expresses a feeling of love and affection for their partners. Couples exchange gifts, valentine cards, flowers, jewelry, etc.

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Valentine´s Day – Proposal Day

Valentine’s day is also considered a proposal day or liking day where singles usually express their feelings and propose to whom they like. They usually wait an entire year for valentine’s day. Proposing on a special day like valentine’s day makes the proposal much more special.

Brief background of St. Valentine

It all started in Rome in the third century where a saint valentine. He was accused of helping roman soldiers in their secret marriage. He secretly arranged it. When a roman king of that time came to know about the St.

Valentine’s act, he imprisoned him and was sentenced to death. While he was in jail, he started loving a girl. That girl was Jailor’s Daughter and was said to be blind. On 270 A.D-14th February Saint was hung. Before he was hanged to death, he wrote a letter to his love- the tailor’s daughter and signed off a letter with the wording “your valentine”.

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This letter becomes famous. In remembrance of St. valentine, this day is celebrated, and people express their love. Valentine’s day is the day of love. People use valentine cards to express their emotions and bonding with their loved ones.

Is proposing on Valentine's day a good idea?

Amazing Facts about Valentine’s Day

Here are some amazing facts about valentine’s day and week.

Ø  Do you know billions of cards are being sold yearly?

Ø  There is the trend of exchanging chocolates between loved ones and it’s not limited to couples.

Ø  Gifts and chocolates are also exchanged between sisters, brothers, mother, and daughter etc.

Ø  Richard Cadbury launched chocolate on 14th February 1800.

Ø  Many chocolate manufacturers earn a high volume of profit on valentine’s week and valentine’s day. They also launch a special valentine edition.

Ø  In Finland, this day is also called friendship day.

Ø  For valentine’s day, some gift and hangout ideas include chocolates, roses, lunch, dinner, brunch, movie, long drive, valentine card, week-long trip to favorite location etc.


In the end, Valentine’s day is not only a day for lovers it is also a day for those who lost their love. It’s the day of expressing affection and gratitude toward each other. It’s the day of sacrifice. St. Valentine gave us a message to do noble acts regardless of the results. It should also be considered that Valentine’s day should not only be celebrated on 14th February but also every other day. As the world moves toward crises and problems, people are more depressed. Some soft and lovable words can make people happy and the world a better place to live in.

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