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Is Newark Winning The War of Drinking Water Lead Reduction

The people of Newark were not about to let their water crisis go down as easily. They had seen what happened in Flint, Michigan, and wanted nothing like that for themselves -Is Newark Winning The War too many lives were put at risk by bad pipes made out of lead or other toxins like arsenic. So they set up a plan: replace all those old pipes with copper ones so there would no longer be any exposure hazards from Lead.

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Lead-Contaminated Water Pipes In Newark

The news of Newark’s lead pipes being the cause for alarm started in 2016. After that, it became important to monitor and test these levels by the New Jersey Department Of Environmental Protection because they surpassed federal agency guidelines which caused them to do so more often than before causing problems with corrosion on old fashioned fixtures like faucets or showerheads where young children might be playing around unsupervised

Newark shot up onto 2017’s top ten list when 10% percent exceeded limits set by law making this city number one!Is Newark Winning The War

What Can Lead Result In Human Health

Lead is one of the most toxic elements on Earth, capable not only to pose significant risks to your health but also affects those around you. Industrial pollutants and agricultural byproducts have led to lead pollution across America while tap water pipelines corrode from urban areas as well which release this dangerous metal into our environment when they break down or leak due in part to poor construction practices that were used back then before we knew better how important it was for homes pipes running throughout a house be installed correctly so children could stay safe inside their own home.

Drinking Water Lead Reduction

How To Reduce Lead Efficiently

Lead is a silent killer that can quietly poison you with no warning or knowledge of its presence. This means relying on your senses for lead exposure testing could be risky, and there are simple ways to test yourself before drinking bottled water from the store too! Home improvement retailers like Lowes carry kits costing $10-20 which should do the trick; Amazon sells them as well (just search “lead”). If convenience isn’t an issue but accuracy matters more than anything else (and let’s face it–lead tests take at least 1 hour), then head over local municipality offices where they typically offer free Lead Check samples during certain hours daily.

If you’re concerned about lead levels in your tap water, flush the pipes. This is done by allowing them to run at full blast (with cold or hot) for 30 seconds after closing up shop and then stopping flow before utilizing it for cooking purposes; just be sure not to forget this step if there are children who may drink from those same taps! While these practices may increase bi-products like scale buildup within plumbing systems which could cause costly issues down the road such as corrosion damage due to reduce pressure patterns along joints etc., they will also save families money on higher quality filters later because flushes don’t require daily maintenance fees either so win/win situation all around.

Lead is something that can be found in drinking water, but not all homes are created equal. Some houses may have lead pipes which allow for toxic metals like copper to leach into your family’s potable H2O as well as forcing you to use expensive bottled alternatives—or worse yet: install costly extraction systems on top of already existing plumbing work! However, there has never been a better time than now to take action before it becomes too late and invest $5-25 dollars every month towards RO filtration today so both mommy-and daddy green living guilt aren’t eating at home alone tomorrow night because I chose wrong when picking out what our multigenerational.

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