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Is Naked Juice Healthy? – What experts say learn here

Is a naked juice really healthy? Should you drink it or not? Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy.  The health and fitness industry introduces new tips, techniques, and diets every day. Some of the latest are the Keto diet, water diet, juice diet, protein diet, etc. 

No matter which diets you follow, there is always a must follow the tip to stay hydrated and utilize lots of liquid. Thinking of which brings a question to mind, Is naked juice healthy? Or is it just an ordinary drink with lots of sugar content?

Let’s dig in to read and decide yourself. 

Naked Juice brand knows where its demand and market stands, just like its name is unique. Their products are impressive and stand out from the rest of the competitors.  A naked juice bottle has excellent packaging and label. The bottle looks very healthy. Every bottle has very bright colours, and vegetables -fruits are printed with a tagline goodness inside. A consumer hardly thinks about is naked juice healthy at the time of buying due to its packaging and labelling.

Vitamins and Nutrients

It is a mixture of healthy fruit and fresh vegetables. Most of the diet recommends consuming lots of greens every day. The naked brand also uses green fruits and vegetables. It includes fruits and vegetables like apples, Broccoli, Cucumber, etc.  The naked brand offers machine juice, fruit and vegetable combination juices, protein-probiotics, and coconut water.

The brand has attracted lots of people and become popular in the market. Naked juice uses a combination of fruits and vegetables. It contains lots of antioxidants and vitamins and is an excellent alternative to regular juices containing preservatives and sugars.

naked juice

Natural Fruit sugars

With popularity about its positive impact comes a negative side and a bit of controversy. People claim that it is like an ordinary sugar drink. 

The brand does not use any preservatives, extra sugars, and additional artificial flavours -sweeteners. But what about natural sugar? There comes the negative part as the brand promotes it as a healthy drink. Still, it is not suitable for Diabetic patients and those who are on sugar control due to health reasons. 

Less Fiber

Apart from no extra sugar, they still have high sugar from fruits. These fresh and great smoothies lose fibre and nutrients, which is terrible and not recommended in a healthy diet. Fibre also prevents various stomach problems like constipation. Relying on Naked juice for your fruit portion will not be the right decision. You need to reduce juice consumption and have a full fruit.

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Weight Gain

Its extra consumption may also lead to weight gain. As it contains fruit sugars and liquids like juices does not make you feel full. Eventually, you consume more and gain more weight instead of losing.


Reading so far and discussing different aspects. An answer to a question is naked juice healthy? The answer is Yes! Excess of everything is bad. You may end up having low fibre, weight gain, high sugar, extra hungry, and the list goes on.

On the other hand, Moderation is vital for a healthy and balanced life. It forms the basis of portion control. Consuming naked juice in a moderate amount is beneficial.  

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