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Is Lifestyle Photography For Me? Is it your passion know more

As they say, every picture tells a story, and that’s particularly true for lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography focuses on capturing shots related to the everyday lives of people especially that of – families and children.

Lifestyle Photography

This photography achieves its goal by capturing the perfectly posed, candid pictures of subjects while they are busy doing activities.

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But, there’s more to it than just taking photographs of the everyday lives of families and friends. Because, these photographs show emotions, love and admiration amongst close family members. After all, it’s all about capturing the happy moments of people.

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And, as many novice photographers wonder, “is this photography for me?”

We’ve got you covered in this post as we guide you on the types, lenses, and salary of a lifestyle photographer.

Different Types of Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography can be divided into interesting types that novice photographers with an interest in photography can pursue.

Newborn Photography

What could be more adorable than capturing moments with toddlers and newborns? This type of photography tells stories that around babies and toddlers.

Being a newborn lifestyle photographer, you will witness emotional moments like babies yawning, crying, and – peacefully sleeping. You might have to capture family moments in this newborn photography gracefully as this involve indoor home photography.

Family Photography

Family Lifestyle photography is unlike any other photography as it involves a relaxing environment indoors or outdoors. It focuses on capturing candid, non-posed shots of family members while they are engaged in a random activity. 

Usually, families book family lifestyle photographers when they have accomplished a milestone. As families grow and prosper, they want new memories to be captured.

Commercial Lifestyle Photography

As lifestyle photography is incomplete without people, so is commercial photography. Many businesses around the world go for commercial lifestyle photography for advertising their products.

And, commercial lifestyle photography isn’t limited to capturing products only; it has to be people centric. It beautifully documents moments of people using certain products, hence marketing brands through different lifestyles.

Best lens for lifestyle photography

If you’re starting as a new lifestyle photographer, then you might need suitable lenses that capture the everyday lives of families. Here are some of the best lenses that you can check out.

  • Wide Angle Lens (24mm or 35mm)
  • The Standard Lens (50mm)
  • A prime lens (85mm)
  • Sigma (105mm)

Photographer Salary

Lifestyle photographers can earn a steady income depending on their experience and level. Being a lifestyle photographer, you can charge your clients starting from $320 if you’re a professional.

Again, you will need to calculate the whole photo session before billing your client. You can charge the clients based on many photography factors. For example, indoor or outdoor setting, studio costs, number of digital photographs, and the number of people booked for a photo session.


Capturing the living and fleeting moments of people demand a lot of planning and setup. Here are some of the tips to get you started with lifestyle photography.

  1. Create a story in your head before you capture the moment.
  2. Look for the best lightning so the photographs come out naturally.
  3. Take candid shots while your subjects are engaged in activities.
  4. Give your subjects a relaxed environment so they don’t shy away from the camera.
  5. Always focus on details as this is the important aspect.

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