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Is it safe to invest in Ukraine?

As the Covid 19 epidemic wreaks havoc on the global financial markets, investment possibilities in Ukraine are attracting the attention of large and medium-sized businesses. Big and mid-sized investors have also noted that the country’s balance of payments has held up well in the face of global coronavirus uncertainty, with foreign currency reserves totaling USD 28 billion.

Is it safe to invest in Ukraine?

Yes, it is entirely safe to invest in Ukraine. There are many opportunities for foreign investors to invest in Ukraine. Below are some of the areas where new foreign investors like to invest in Ukraine,

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  • Ukrainian aerospace:

Because it has valid development of spacecraft, the Ukrainian aerospace sector is highly progressed and high-tech. Military and passenger aircraft were also created in Ukraine, and the country’s aerospace engineering sector produced the world’s fastest freight planes, the AN-225 Mriya and AN-124 Ruslan. Foreign investors are attracted to aerospace in Ukraine because of its unique experience growing every year.

  • Alternative energy in Ukraine:

Investing in alternative energy in Ukraine is popular due to current developments since this sector is in high demand. However, it is still being developed in Ukraine. Alternative energy investment opportunities far exceed expectations, attracting both domestic and a large number of foreign investors willing to put money into the sector’s development.

  • Investing in the stock market of Ukraine: 

You may invest in shares of businesses listed on Ukraine’s PFTS Stock Exchange without going to Kyiv. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a suitable device, and the convenience of your own home.

  • Investing in real estate in Ukraine:

Despite the global economic turmoil, land and real estate have always been secure investment choices. Foreigners purchase luxury properties in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, and Odesa, Ukraine’s Black Sea port, for investment and rental reasons, as well as a vacation home.

Because the real estate market in Ukraine is so fragmented, you should start by looking for a real estate agent in the region where you want to invest. Never underestimate the linguistic barrier while negotiating.

  • Creating a Limited Liability Company in Ukraine:

This is probably the most difficult method to invest in Ukraine of all the options. But, it is the best way of investment in Ukraine, and it is entirely safe. 

In most cases, forming a limited liability corporation (LLC) in Ukraine is a two-step procedure. You should hire an international business expert working in Ukraine to write the Articles of Association and complete the required documentation during the preparatory phase.

In Ukraine, forming a company organization typically takes just one or two days, following which the proprietors may apply for a tax number and begin doing business with local contractors. It may take up to 20 days for the VAT application to be processed.

You may now go to a local notary and apply for registration with a copy of your passport and the LLC’s Articles of Association, now that you have a Ukrainian tax ID.


Above, we have summarized some ways of investments in Ukraine. These are some of the easiest and safest ways of investing in Ukraine. You are recommended to do a little homework before investing.

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