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Is Consuming Cannabis Safe for Moms?

The use of cannabis is on the rise. It is the most common federally illegal drug in the USA.Is Consuming Cannabis Safe for Moms? According to data from the CDC, over 48 million, or 18% of the US population, have used cannabis at least once since 2019. Even though there are many health benefits to consuming cannabis, it’s still a drug and not recommended for everyone. If you’re a mom, can you consume it safely? The answer depends on your current health condition and whether or not you’re pregnant. Is Consuming Cannabis Safe for Moms? Here’s what you need to know before trying pot as a mother: Is Consuming Cannabis Safe for Moms?

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The Rise of Marijuana Moms

Cannabis is a plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It was first used by the Chinese and Indians, who believed it had therapeutic properties. The first known reference to cannabis comes from 2737 BC in China, where it was used for pain relief and as a sedative.

Today, cannabis is still widely used for medicinal purposes, but many people use it recreationally, especially parents. A recent survey shows a surprising 63% of daily cannabis users are parents. The survey also found that the number of women taking cannabis is higher than men. This shows the increasing trend of moms taking cannabis daily to get relief after their daily work.

The reason behind the increasing number of moms consuming cannabis is that being a parent can be stressful. Taking care of kids is not an easy task, as you would know. They can trigger anxiety in parents in a lot of ways. Being a mom, if you take tranquilizers to fight the anxiety, you can no longer function like a mom as they slow you down by stimulating your nervous system. On the other hand, taking cannabis never slows you down. Instead, it energizes you while taking care of the anxiety and other mental health problems.

Benefits of Consuming Cannabis

While cannabis has some harmful effects, it also has several medicinal benefits. In fact, many people favor it for their benefit. According to a poll, over 84% of respondents favored legalizing cannabis for medical use. Some benefits of using cannabis include:

  • Cannabis can help with sleep and anxiety. Cannabis can help with sleep by decreasing the time it takes for a person to fall asleep and increasing how long they stay asleep. It also helps reduce anxiety and improves moods, which can be especially helpful during pregnancy when hormones may be changing rapidly and causing stress.
  • Cannabis can help with pain management. For those who suffer from chronic pain or other health conditions that cause them discomfort daily, using cannabis as an alternative method of managing their pain is one way they can experience relief without taking prescription medications like opioids or antidepressants.

How Often Can Moms Take Cannabis

The number of moms that partake in cannabis has grown. While some do it for recreational purposes, others just for fun. Regardless of the reason, consuming the right amount of cannabis is important. If you take less, you won’t see any benefits, and if you take more, you will experience more harm than good.

So, what’s the right amount? The less cannabis you consume, the less likely you will have a bad experience. For example, if a product contains more THC than CBD (a type of cannabinoid), it may not feel good for your body.

The frequency depends on several factors, such as your health, addiction, taking it for the first time or having consumed it previously, etc. However, it is advised not to take it frequently. If you are looking to unwind after your daily work, consume a very less amount of cannabis. If you still feel that it makes you sick, try avoiding the use of cannabis for a few days. You can then consume it again by reducing the amount.

Also, if breastfeeding your baby, it is best to avoid using cannabis. Cannabis can reach the breast milk through your bloodstream and enter your baby’s body. According to a study on breastfeeding women, up to 2.5% of THC from cannabis can reach breastmilk. This amount can be dangerous for an infant who relies on the mother’s break milk for nutrition.

Can Pregnant Women Consume Cannabis?

While it’s true that marijuana is a natural substance, it can be harmful to a developing fetus. Smoking cannabis while pregnant is a controversial topic. While some research has shown that it can harm the baby, other studies have found that its effects are minimal or nonexistent.

The main concern is that smoking marijuana during pregnancy can lead to low birth weight and other growth issues. These effects are more likely if you smoke heavily throughout your pregnancy, but the risk is still present even if you only smoke occasionally.

Another concern is that smoking cannabis during pregnancy might increase the risk of premature birth, which can cause other health problems for the baby. Research has shown that smoking cannabis while pregnant could also lead to a higher risk of anemia in newborns and behavioral problems later in life. Hence, the CDC advises pregnant moms not to use cannabis.

Using Cannabis in Postpartum Condition

Many women use cannabis to help manage postpartum symptoms, including anxiety and depression. Research has shown that consuming cannabis during pregnancy can negatively impact your baby’s development. However, no evidence that using cannabis after giving birth will harm your baby. In fact, for some moms (including new moms who smoke tobacco), consuming small amounts of THC is beneficial because it can reduce pain and nausea associated with childbirth and breastfeeding (the most common reason new moms stop breastfeeding).


Whether you’re a mom or not, it’s important to remember that cannabis is still a drug. This means that there are potential risks associated with using it. However, research has shown that the benefits of cannabis outweigh these risks. The bottom line is that you should use your own judgment when deciding whether or not to consume marijuana while breastfeeding or pregnant.

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