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International Versus Public Schools: Know The Major Differences


When it comes to your children’s education, choosing the perfect solution becomes really tough. You never want to compromise the bright future of your children. So, which school will be best for them. 

Private school versus international school, which one should you choose? Here we will talk about the differences between private schools and international schools. Before looking at the differences, let’s get the basic idea about both of them, what they really are. 

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What Is An International 

This type of school is known for promoting international education in an international environment. International schools adopt a curriculum like Cambridge Assessment International Education, Edexcel, International Baccalaureate, or the International Primary Curriculum. 

They sometimes follow a national curriculum, which is totally different from the country where the school resides. 

What Is A Public School?

This type of learning institution is usually founded by the local, state, or federal governments. They usually offer general education opportunities from kindergarten. 

These types of schools usually follow the state or national curriculum of the particular place where it is situated. 

International Versus Public Schools: Major Differences

So, from the above discussion, you get the basic idea about an international school Singapore and a private school. Now, let’s have a look at the differences between these two types of learning institutions. 

  • Infrastructure

We have already mentioned that international schools follow an international curriculum, and private schools follow a national or state curriculum. 

Thus, while the infrastructure of a public school is limited to offering the necessary basic education, international schools are equipped with more enhanced and hi-tech infrastructure to provide world-class education. 

  • Environment

The learning environment of international and public schools is also different. International schools usually nurture an international culture to offer an international approach to the learning procedure. 

It is a part of the international curriculum that the school follows. On the other hand, public schools can not provide such a learning environment. They are more focused on preserving the local culture. 

  • Teaching Facility

Isn’t it obvious that international schools will have more qualified international teachers? They always recruit the best teachers with the credibility to offer the students an international level of education. 

That does not mean the teachers of public schools are not qualified enough. They are also great and one of the best of what they teach. But the international touch is missing here.

  • Global Exposure

An international will always be able to offer you global exposure. International schools are equipped with advanced hi-tech learning and teaching equipment. 

It brings the whole world in front of the students. The students get the global touch and exposure included in their learning program. In a public school, the global touch will always be missing. 

  • Global Culture

International schools nurture the global culture. Students from different regions study here and get the opportunities of experiencing each others’ cultures. 

It helps your children adopt the goods from different cultures and makes them flexible enough to adjust to any culture. Obviously, a usual public school will fail to offer this exposure to global culture to your child. 

  • Other Activities

The international curriculum of an international school is not only limited to the bookish education system but also encourages different types of activities. It includes both cultural, artistic, and sports activities. 

Some public schools also have these types of extracurricular activities curriculum, but that is not as well structured and enriched as that of an international school. 

Which One To Choose?

Choosing an international school will always keep you some step forward for a brighter future for your children. But before you make a decision to take admission to an international school, do not forget to have a look at the fee structure.

International schools usually come with a hefty fee structure, while public schools have made education less costly. You do not need to worry that much or, in some cases, not at all for the expenses of a public school.

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