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Interesting Facts About Puppies

Puppies are more than just furry balls of adorable goodness! They have plenty of personalities and a plethora of interesting facts to learn. Interesting Facts About Puppies The astonishing facts below may pique your interest if you consider yourself a puppy fanatic.

Litter Size Varies With Breed

The number of pups a mother dog births isn’t the same across all types of dogs; Interesting Facts About Puppies it depends on the breed. Dog litter can range from 1-12 puppies, so the number varies widely. An easy way to remember how this works is to consider that larger dogs have more offspring per round while smaller ones typically have less. The little ones will leave behind messes on carpet or upholstery, but an enzymatic cleaner can clean it up in a jiffy.

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They Are Born Helpless

Baby dogs are born without the ability to see or fend for themselves. This may seem radical at first, but this trait gave wild dogs a distinct advantage: Mother dogs could give birth quickly and return to hunt. The tradeoff meant that the young were helpless at birth, but the adults would have the time and strength to return with food.

They Have Baby Teeth

Did you think that humans were the only mammals with baby teeth? Puppies grow and lose their first chompers relatively quickly compared to humans, but they are lost nonetheless! After the fourth month, young pups will start developing adult teeth known for their sharpness and durability.

They Nap Often

Like human children, puppies take plenty of naps throughout the day. This is so that their bodies can adequately develop their physical bodies, brains, and immune systems. They must rest during this phase so that they can grow into their optimal adult manifestations. The best way to help a baby canine is to give it plenty of room and time to rest, undisturbed.

They Enjoy Baby Talk

Baby talk is just that: it’s meant for babies! Interestingly enough, baby dogs respond quite positively toward baby talk from humans. Young pups are known to romp eagerly toward the sources of human voices uttering speech that sound like baby talk.

They Manipulate With Their Eyes

Have you ever wondered how those adorable eyes get on just about every puppy? It turns out that puppies use their eyes to get your attention, which they learn relatively early in their youth! New dogs raise their eyebrows to make their eyes look bigger, which provokes immensely positive responses from the humans in the vicinity. Shelter dogs possessing the ability to show “puppy eyes” often get adopted much quicker than those without the talent.

They May Be Green at Birth

No, mama dog didn’t just give birth to a green alien! Some newborn pups may be colored green, making them look like something out of a sci-fi movie. The good news is that this state is both expected and temporary; the green is thought to come from the placenta and will naturally dissolve with time.

They Learn Commands Early On

You can train little pups to do your bidding at seven or eight weeks after birth, so you can start as soon as you feel it is necessary. They can learn basic commands such as “paw,” “sit,” and “go,” but any simple command will do. Keep in mind that they will not have the longest attention span of their adult counterparts, so administer training sessions in short bursts to maximize results.

They Learn From Their Pack

Puppies love to frolic and play with their kin, which is vital for their development. Puppies engaging in regular social activities will learn what is acceptable and not tolerated in their packs. The skills they learn from their parents and siblings transfer over to their interactions with humans, making it much easier to train them toward desirable behaviors.

Puppies are the cutest of cute in your family, which makes it even more worthwhile to learn everything you can about them! The above are just a few exciting facts that can make you the center of attention at any family gathering or party.

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