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Importance of Self-confidence – Why self confidence is so important

Self-confidence: one person seems born with it, the other can use a lot more of it. There is no quick fix to get it, you have to grow it. Look no further, that breeding ground starts here.

Because what makes confident women so different? In short: they have a different attitude towards life. Usually they are really not much prettier or smarter, they just have a number of useful features. Fortunately, these are qualities that you are not necessarily born with, but that you can teach yourself. What they do and pay attention to:

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1. They dare to ask for help

Confident women don’t see asking for help as a sign of weakness. You can’t do everything alone! By not asking for help, you are always doing yourself short. Occasionally ask your mother for advice or ask that one friend for advice. You’re really not stupid if you don’t know something. Enriching yourself with knowledge without criticism actually indicates a healthy level of self-esteem.

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2. They feel less guilty

Almost every woman suffers from it, but often more than necessary. When you have done something ‘wrong’, it is normal to feel guilty for a moment. The emotion encourages a learning moment (what could I have done differently?), But should not be an attack on your self-confidence. Confident women are usually better at dealing with mistakes without affecting their self-esteem.

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3. They give space to their ‘weaknesses’

We all have things we are less happy with: your lifeless hair or your short fuse. It is key that you know and embrace this about yourself. Learn to love yourself, including those minor flaws. Be sure to focus on the qualities that you are happy with, but don’t hide your weaknesses. Self-acceptance is an important part of self-confidence.

4. They are less jealous

Are you sometimes jealous of your girlfriend or sister? Is their home more beautiful or do they have a better job? Jealousy is a human trait, but often also a sign of insecurity. You compare yourself to others and fear that you will lose out. More self-confidence makes it easier to support your loved ones in everything. Hear their success stories without thinking about your own situation and just share in their joy.

5. They dare to say ‘no’

A very important one! Many women are afraid to say ‘no’ or say ‘sorry’ 100 times a day. Stop that! Always stand up for yourself and set your own boundaries. Confident women are often perfectly able to reason their ‘no’: ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘that’s not for me’. If you bring this forward decisively, it is really not an option. Respect yourself and others will follow.

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6. They help others get ahead

If you feel good about yourself, you can be a great support for the people around you. Many confident people believe in themselves and their ideas. Obviously, this should not turn into arrogance, but the positive sound of a decisive person is just nice to hear. He or she doesn’t have much doubts and is not afraid of your success. Chances are that they will and can help you in difficult situations.

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