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How would you know if you need glasses?

Glasses are meant to provide a better vision. But, how would one know that they need glasses? Our eyesight diminishes as we age. If you were born with a perfect vision, that does not mean that it won’t degrade with time. Vision changes don’t happen overnight. 

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The changes in your eyesight happens gradually over time and may even go unnoticed sometimes. If you have been experiencing eye discomforts, headache, and other vision problems, do not neglect the possible implications of these symptoms. Rather, see an eye doctor or book an eye test to know if you need prescription eyeglasses or reading glasses.

Signs that you need glasses

Vision change happens over time but not every change in your vision is alarming. For example, not being able to differentiate between black and a dark shade of blue does not mean that you need eyeglasses. But, there are symptoms that point towards diminishing eyesight which you must take care of with the right glasses. 

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Some of the signs that indicate a possible vision decline are:

  • Blurry vision
  • Double vision
  • Squinting
  • Headache
  • Seeing halos behind bright light sources
  • Eyes feeling tired
  • Difficulty in driving at night

If you feel any other abnormal shift in your eyesight, you must visit your eye doctor. They will do an eye exam to know what is causing the problem and how it can be solved.

Common vision problems ( Do you need glasses)

The most common type of eyesight problems that will need you to wear glasses include: 

Nearsightedness or myopia

It is a common eye condition in which distant objects start to appear blurry. People with myopia are able to see close-up objects clearly. If you are not able to clearly see the people on television screen or read the letters on the chalkboard, you probably have myopia. This problem occurs when you have eyeballs that are too long or cornea that is too curved. 

Farsightedness or hyperopia

It happens when you have difficulty seeing nearby objects clearly while the distant vision remains unaltered. This mainly occurs to people with short eyeballs or abnormally shaped cornea.


It refers to the imperfection of the eye when it is not completely round and thus the light does not get distributed evenly onto your retina. Not all the people with astigmatism have a distorted vision. Where mild astigmatism is available in most of the people, if this condition is severe in your case, you might need glasses. 


It is the age-related decline in near focusing ability of the eyes that generally happens in your early 40s. As we grow older, our eyes lose their flexibility and the focus on nearby objects becomes impaired. This is why people above 40 often need bifocals or readers to have a better near vision.

Readers or prescription eyeglasses are generally high-priced even more so when you’re looking for quality. However, there are many websites that sell good-quality cheap glasses online to cater to your vision needs.

Computer vision syndrome

If you spend long hours on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone screen, you could be at risk of computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain. It refers to a group of vision-related problems that arises due to excessive use of digital devices.

The digital devices emit high energy blue light that is harmful for your retinal health. Constant use of these devices can bring different vision problems over time which will need you to wear glasses. 

The symptoms of CVS include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Eye strain
  • Dry eyes
  • Headache
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Red eyes 
  • Sensitivity to light

Anyone who spends a major part of their time on digital screens can develop these symptoms. Treatment for this syndrome is possible by using computer glasses or blue light glasses.

See an eye specialist

If you want to know for sure whether you need glasses, visit an eye doctor and schedule an eye test. It becomes even more important if you have been feeling any of the symptoms mentioned above.

After doing a close examination of your eyes, your eye doctor or ophthalmologist will tell you if you need glasses and will give you a prescription. You can either buy your glasses from a local optical store or even order prescription glasses online

Good vision is needed in all aspects of life. It is not only significant to read small prints or to drive safely, but is essential to the overall quality of life.

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