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How to Use PDF Templates

The workplace has evolved, How to Use PDF Templates with technology driving growth in many companies. Today, the average worker can handle many tasks that needed special skills just a few years ago.

And thanks to PDF editing technology and video chatting, people can work remotely in a post-pandemic world without sacrificing efficiency.

Solutions like the PDF editor simplify creating and editing documents and fillable forms and aid team collaboration. But, a PDF editor can also be stressful if you are new to the technology.

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Thankfully, developers now include PDF templates to make designing documents faster. In this article, you will learn how to get the best out of these templates in your daily work.

What is a PDF template?

PDF templates include different pre-made elements which you can add to your document. They cover a wide range of use cases and formats irrespective of industry.

Do you often go through the pain of recreating the same design and format on different documents?

PDF tools can simplify the process if you know how to use them. An editor with PDF template designs will help you avoid burnout from repetitive tasks when working on documents. Plus, you can create templates that people can use to fill PDF form online.

How can a PDF template simplify your work?

Repetitive tasks like creating PDFs are time-consuming, unproductive, and expensive. The creators of PDF tools identified these problems and introduced templates to simplify work and ensure people don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.

These templates are also crucial in the workplace for many other reasons.

Reducing the time needed to create a document

A PDF template is easy to use because you only need to edit the old content and input the new one. And if you like, you can make a few structural changes to the design, which will take far less time than creating from scratch. 

The templates work on fillable PDF documents with existing form fields to fit your research needs once you change the questions and texts.

Saving money

The design template of a PDF fillable form can help you save money. For instance, instead of creating survey forms, printing, and sending them to respondents, you can send them the link to an existing template that you’ve tweaked. That way, you don’t have to waste money printing documents.

Also, when you have a template, you can delete old PDF documents that may be taking up space on your storage. Instead of paying for extra storage, you can declutter and make space for other files, knowing that you can easily recreate the necessary documents from the template.

Ensuring branding consistency

Brand consistency is essential to the success of a company. When people can associate your brand with specific elements or designs, they’d remember you easily. Using a PDF template to make PDF forms will familiarize your clients and prospects with your branding.

Maintaining uniformity

When you leave individual workers to decide how to present documents to different clients, things can become messy. But using a template will give your reports and documents a traditional look and feel.

Your documents will have similar structures over time, simplifying filing and retrieval. Plus, following a design template will make it easier for your teammates to spot errors in a file quickly.

Where can you find PDF templates?

Understanding how PDF templates make work simpler is only half of the job. Knowing where to get the best PDF templates will make your knowledge more applicable.

Online (Lumin PDF)

Many free PDF templates online allow you to create documents for general purposes. You can also download a blank PDF template online.

You can find PDF invitation templates free online, but some of them might not have the cleanest of reputations. So, whether you are using a PDF form creator to fill PDF online or prefer to download templates for offline use, ensure you only use trusted sites to avoid unwittingly giving your information away.

File editor templates (Adobe tools)

If you are skeptical about a PDF template download from an untrusted source, you should use an Adobe tool. 

The ideal tool to create PDF templates is Adobe XI. This software is easy to use because it requires only three steps to create a template. Plus, you can use it to convert already existing PDF pages to templates for others to use.

How to edit a template-based PDF

Many tools that help you create templates also allow you to edit PDFs. 

The process of making edits to template-based PDFs is typically the same on most of those tools.

  • Click on “File” and select “New document” to open a new document.
  • The tool will offer two options: Style and Template. Select “Template” to access the full list of available templates.
  • Choose between default templates and customized ones. Note that there are controls that allow you to delete, add, or rename a template.
  • Click on your preferred template and wait for the tool to build your document based on that template.
  • Add content to the open draft using the editing tools.
  • Save changes to the new file.

If you want to add more pages to a template-based PDF, you either click on the plus (+) sign or the “Edit” button and then click “Add Page.” 

How to create a PDF form

When creating a template from a fillable PDF, you can use the Adobe document’s form fields as a starting point for automating the template.

Afterward, you can create a PDF form template and save the finished product as a fillable PDF. 

Creating PDF forms using PDF editors isn’t complicated. Just follow these simple steps:

  • First, click “Prepare form” on the PDF form creator.
  • Then select a file or scan a document. The tool’s AI will analyze the document and find content in the form of fillable fields.
  • Add or remove form fields like radio buttons, checkboxes, and text fields.
  • Edit the text on the document and save the changes.

Knowing how to create a PDF form is helpful when you can’t find a PDF template that suits the purpose of your document.


PDF templates are significant additions to the modern workplace. Knowing how to use them will make your job easier and improve your productivity.

This article shows you how to edit PDF templates to create and share documents. It also analyzes the advantages of using templates instead of creating PDFs from scratch.

So if your company regularly creates similar documents with minimal design changes, let the tips and techniques outlined above guide you to a more efficient workflow.

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