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How To Use Foil Stamped Folders and Other Printed Materials for Marketing

When creating a marketing plan for your business, How To Use Foil Stamped Folders and Other it is critical to view all correspondence and paperwork as an opportunity to further your brand and create ongoing consistency. Foil stamped , business cards, custom presentation folders, envelopes, and certificates are all needed supplies that can be used as part of your overall marketing strategy.  How To Use Foil Stamped Folders and Other It is crucial to always look at the big picture to get the most out of your spending money.

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Here are three ways to use these supplies for marketing. By Folders

Presentation Material

When putting on a presentation to customers, investors, stakeholders, or other individuals who have a current or future interest in your company, it is common to put together a presentation folder with all of the written materials they may need to know about your company, brand, products, or services. The presentation folder may include flyers, educational inserts, samples, business cards, and brochures. The goal of the presentation folder is that the participants will take everything home with them to look at again later, hopefully. Everything in the presentation folder, including the folder itself, should be branded with your contact information, company name, logo, and colors. The more consistency you have with your branding, the more professional it will look.

Promotional Material

Everything used to promote your company should be consistently branded with your company information, name, logo, and colors. Promotional material includes everything that goes out to the public, including packaging, pens, notepads, business cards, brochures, flyers, banners, and table tents. Promotional materials include more oversized items such as work bags, staff T-shirts, and handouts like stress balls and calendars. Promotional materials are excellent when going to events or getting your name out within a specific geographic area. For example, setting up at a community festival and giving away free pens and stress balls with your company information is an effective way to get your company name in front of many people in a specific area.


Correspondence includes letters, holiday cards, promotional material, coupons, invoices, and anything else your company sends through the mail or other delivery service. Every part of the correspondence should be branded with the company information, name, logo, and colors. That includes the envelopes papers are mailed in. Printing company envelopes with the return address and logo will tie everything to the brand and create a professional appearance. If a letter is included in the bill, even paying company bills should be done with branded checks, envelopes, and letterheads.

Consistency is why it is so important to consider the brand before launching. While it’s never too late to go back and lay the right foundation, the earlier in the process you do that, the better off you will be overall. Choosing a company name, logo, colors, and slogan will be based on the vision statement you write when you first get started. Everything you create related to your brand needs to work well together. You can work with a professional marketer to gain insight on writing an effective vision statement and choosing colors and a logo that is reflective of your vision and appealing to your target audience.

Ordering everything from the same printing company will ensure absolute consistency across all printed materials. It’s also good to create and grow those business relationships when you find a printer you are happy with. When taking this marketing approach, you are not only presenting information about your company but presenting your company as professional and authoritative. It doesn’t matter how new your company is. When everything is professionally polished and consistent, people will assume you have authority within your space.

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